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Helman Group
Helman Group Popcorn Maker

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I have always wanted one of these


I have always been a popcorn lover, have the fondest memories of going to local fairs and festivals and always heading straight to where the popcorn vendors were.Always buy the largest popcorn when I go to the movies too. Popcorn is my very favorite snack. You just never could get air popped popcorn that tasted like it die at the movies and local fairs. When I came across one of these I just had to have it. I will never regret buying it. We as a family love ours and get so much use out of it. We have family popcorn and movie nights and prefer this to microwaved popcorn anyday! Only real downside is it takes up quite a bit of countertop space, but it is so adorably designed that it has a permanent space on my countertop and am thinking of making a popcorn station to cater to the design cuteness even more.


Greenup, Ky


Lots of fun with kids


We just recently got rid of ours only because we couldn't justify the amount of storage space it occupied. However, we had it for years and plan to get another when we upgrade to a larger home. We had a lot of fun with this and I am really picky with popcorn and enjoyed the flavor and texture! The key is to expand on your oil choices. We used a blend of coconut oil and plugra butter (European full cream). It was a nice treat without all the processed junk. Performance We never had any problems with the performance. I was actually surprised when we got it considering the price. I didn't think it would work as well as it did! Settings/Features There are not a lot of features but, then again I don't see how adding more then what they have would be productive. Sometimes simple is better. Ease of Cleaning I didn't find this easy to clean at all. Of course cleaning oil is never easy but, they could make taking the parts in and out a little easier. Ease of Use It takes a couple times to figure out the perfect mix of oil and popcorn for your families needs but, we found it pretty simple. Plus, it was fun in the process and just meant more popcorn eating. Durability This was able to withstand years in our home with three kids so, it's pretty durable. Our kids had a hand in using it each time too because, they loved this machine. I think it's absolutely kid friendly, which means durable.




Party Fun


I have one of these and have purchased several as gifts cause when my friends come over and see the fun it creates they all want one. I purchased some red and white stripped paper boxes and they fill them up and then we watch a movie and it is like going out to the movies but relaxing at home with friends and a much cheaper way then going to the real movies Performance They pop great and taste delicious Settings/Features It is cute, easy to put on a counter or I leave it on our bar Ease of Cleaning not too difficult Ease of Use most people have no problem using it Durability have it over two years and no problems yet


Bellmore, NY


Yummy and fresh,


We love this popcorn maker. I was addicted the first time we popped some popcorn. The kids love watching it go. I now prefer the taste of fresh popcorn to anything microwaved. Hands down a winner in my family's book.


Carrollton, OH


Easy and fun


This is a great pop corn maker. It is very fun to make.and Also very easy to make with the kids. I personaly am not to wild about air poped pop corn but this maker makes it pritty good. So i think i would recamend this producet to anyone that wants a air poping pop corn maker. another con is the price.


Severn, MD


helman group popcorn maker


helman group popcorn maker is a must have for movie fanatics and popcorn lovers. its fun to make and fun to eat. it makes me feel like i'm actually at the theatre because it actually looks like a real popcorn maker. this is also great for families and parties. i've used this numerous times for my kids sleepovers, parties and just simple family movie nights. the kids love to watch the popcorn kernals pop and love to scoop it up. its so much more fun than microwave popcorn. this is old fasioned and reminds me of past times. it is a bit expensive but if you use it a lot and enjoy it with your family and friends it is definitly worth it. i would recommend this to other of course. it gets ho so be careful!


Beverly Hills, CA


Rememberance Of The Good Old Days


**Remember the good old days when you bought popcorn before going into the cinixmas, buying a bag of popcorn fresh from the wagon.  Hmmmm...Well, you can still do with **Helman Group - Popcorn Maker KPM-508  This little guy really pop the lid off of all the rest.****


Wapakoneta, OH




Helman group-popcorn maker: I love this popcorn, tastes like theater popcorn. Its great for parties, halloween treats,office moral and clients. The looks of this machine just puts a smile on your face.If you have a  business of somesort you may want to consider this . I have a salon, but also work in a office, interior design, store. As for halloween the kids will come running just set the machine on your porch, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Augusta, KS


Big on Cute, Not Big on Value, Speed or Taste.


Call me spoiled, but I actually like to be able to njoy my popcorn.  My girls recieved this little gadget as a gift and it seemed like a great weight loss idea right?  Right.  All of it is hurry up and wait.  First, before you can put the first kernel of popcorn in, the machine has to warm up.  Then you fill a very shallow cup with popcorn and pour it in and watch it pop.  Cool!!!  IF you have the right size bowl set between the wheels of the machine you will be able to actually catch and eat your treasure!  Now just pop another set right?  NOPE.   You have to let the machine cool down for at least 10 minutes between each popping or the shield might melt.  Hope you weren't planning on watching that movie anytime soon!  Oh, I almost forgot.  Don't forget to season youf popcorn the moment it comes out of the popper or the seasonings won't stick.  Can you say Bland three times fast? It does come with an idea book for seasoning but we were never able to get any of them to actually work.


Jacksonville, AL


Helman Group Popcorn Maker

4.2 9