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Hebrew National
Hebrew National Beef Franks

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The king of hotdogs.


This is the greatest all-beef dog out there. It tastes like real cow and no a bunch of fillers. You can tell the quality just from the texture. Most hotdogs have that soft, Vienna sausage texture, but these have real meat in them. Their texture is more firm than soft. But, of course, the real reason I love them is the taste. The taste is satisfying and wholesome. Most hotdogs give my oldest daughter a headache and stomach ache, but she's never had any troubles with these. A word of warning: this is a premium product as you will spend 3-4 times more on these than you would on the cheaper dogs. Trust me; they are worth it.



Crunchy and Delicious - I love biting into these babies


Damn! I love the Hebrew National Kosher Frankfurters. They have a great natural casing with the snap that I enjoy. The meat is also high quality and tasty. Pretty good on the grill, but my favorite hot dog cooking has always been boiling. The Kosher aspect is not a factor for me, it is all about the taste. I used to live in Boston and would get the best Franks i ever tasted in the deli case called "Pearl" Franks... Hebrew National purchased at the local Wal-Mart is the closest thing I can get and they are pretty darn good.  I enjoy getting a thick potato bread roll and topping the Frank with saurkraut and mustard. I also enjoy it with cheese, ketchup or even mayonaise. Probably blasphemy to a hot dog purist, but there... I said it.   Get them - they are worth the extra money and much better than Bar-S or Oscar Meyer. I stock up and freeze them when they are on sale.

Goodyear, AZ


Don't wonder what's in your hot dogs.


If you've seen the hebrew national commercials, you know they make their meats from choice cuts, not "leftovers". You **can **taste the difference. You can even see the difference. I believe in putting healthy foods into your body. Food is fuel, and you don't run a race car on junk fuel. Living , *truly* living, requires no preservatives, no artificial colors, no animal by-products, no high fructose corn syrup. But the budget requires wiggle room. I can't afford organic everything. I have to buy some stuff with preservatives because it's gotta keep! and have you tried finding bread without HFCS? actually pretty tough.So we need a balance. Hebrew National meats are the healthiest out there, I believe. They taste great. They smell great cooking. And, to be honest, I'm unable to go back. I've tried. You're at someone else's cookout, and they've got some *store brand* dogs cooking. You don't want to be *rude,* so you have a bite. and promptly spit it into a napkin and find the nearest hungry pooch to relieve you of this sub-standard frank. Honestly. It happens. They're not too pricey, so make the switch. Spoil yourself! oh! and the best part? Hebrew National meats are Kosher. Kosher means many things depending on the food. With meats, it means the animal is slaughtered humanely, quickly, and in an impeccably clean facility. Can your hot dog say the same? I didn't think so.

Sugarloaf, CA


Hebrew National Beef Franks

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