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Heat Essential Ceramic Heater

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Good warmth from a little heater!


I live in an old apartment building in the midwest with less the efficient heaters and temperatures that get down below freezing.  So when the cold weather hit, my husband and I looked for a cost-efficient yet effective heater for our tiny apartment that we could use in the winter and not be running up our electric bill.  Heat Essential's ceramic heater fit the bill.  It is a quit heater that works wonderfully for it's compact size and allows for two different heat settings at different energy output levels.  It does a fairly good job heating up our small apartment, though if left off for periods of time it takes a very long time (quite a few hours) warming the air temperature back up.  One of the drawbacks is the constant need to clean dust and such from the back air duct.   I have a cat who sheds alot and the heater is constantly sucking that back into it, so every few days I have to clean it.  Another drawback is that it needs a very large amoun of space from combustibles (ie pretty much everything in my apartment) in order to keep the risk of fire down.  Overall though, it is a good heater for small areas and would work well in a small apartment or trailer home.


Norwalk, IA


Heat Essential Ceramic Heater

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