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Hearos Ear Plugs- All Size Packages

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Hearos ear plugs. Gives me alot of peaceful nights!


I really enjoy earing these ear plugs to sleep. I started wearing these back in the mid 90's. When you have really noisy neighbors who don't give a crap about anyone, you can complain and wait for the authorities or you can complain and wear ear plugs. I did just that. I called the police and put these ear plugs in my ear and went right to sleep. Ever since then I have been using ear plugs to relax and rest. You almost feel like you're in a world by yourself. I've used them to study and just when I wanted some time alone. There are different types of ear plugs. The big ones feel very uncomfortable to me so I stay away from those. The smalls ones are too comfortable and I fear them going all the way in my ear so I leave those alone as well. I found these Hearos ear plugs and when I tried them, I was satisfied. You're able to tune out so much unnecessary noise it's amazing. Ear plugs don't tune out noise completely it just minimizes it so that noise becomes bearable. I am interested to see how effective these ear plugs are on an airplane to Puerto Rico!  

Bronx, NY


Loves these!


I'm a very light sleeper who also has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. It drives me insane. Even if I'm able to fall asleep within a reasonable time, the slightest noise will wake me up and then I won't be able to fall back asleep all. It drives me crazy and is just horrible! It also just so happens that I live right by an airport, so this happens on pretty much a daily basis. At my wits end, I decided to try these ear plugs. I had had ear plugs before, but they were very uncomfortable and I could never fall asleep in them. Hearos ear plugs are not at all like that. I was able to get a free sample from their website, and I got the special earplugs made for sleeping. They're made of soft foam and are very comfortable, so they're easy to sleep in. They don't block out all the noise, but they do block out enough so that outside noises no longer wake me up. I actually like that they don't block out all noises, as I think that would be a safety hazard. Overall, I love these.

Augusta, KY


Hearos Ear Plugs- All Size Packages

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