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Healthy Life
Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat/Whole Grain bread

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Eat All The Bread You Want


I discovered Healthy Life Bread about four months ago while I was grocery shopping.  I usually buy either the one with 35 calories or the one with 40.  There are so many varieties that my store doesn't always have the one I want.  I prefer the sugar-free variety that has 40 calories.  So many foods have too much sugar these days.  That is why so many Americans are overweight. All of the Healthy Life breads are either 100% Whole Grain or Whole Wheat.  I prefer the whole grain, and I believe it has more health benefits than whole wheat.  As most people know by now, fiber can lower the level of cholesterol in your body.  Just imagine fiber soaking up your excess cholesterol.  Adults should try to get between 25-30 grams of fiber each day.  For my breakfast, I like to make a one-egg omelette with various spices and herbs, along with a small amount of shredded, sharp cheddar cheese.  I use a drop of olive oil to saute it.  I then put the omelette between two slices of Healthy Life toast.  Did you know that when you make bread into toast, it magically becomes 5 calories less?  I have a filling breakfast sandwich for around 200 calories.  It sure beats cold cereal. This is a great tasting bread, even though it is 99% fat free.

Cin-Cin, OH


Healthy Life bread is my favorite bread of all time!


I love sandwiches and whole wheat bread, but let's face it, all whole wheat breads are not good.  However, Healthy Life is not only delicious and low in fat/calories, but it is moist and filling!  At least three days a week for lunch I enjoy peanut butter & jelly on Healthy Life bread with a fruit or two, a few chips or a garlic pickle spear and a great big mug of ice water, and I am in heaven!  This is one of the secrets of a skinny jean queen.  Oh yeah, and my kids even love it (*well they have never said this, but they would tell me if they didnt*)! Signed, Carolyn Gray Carolyn Gray International & Secrets of a Skinny Jean Queen    

Clifton, VA


This bread really surprised me


I like to find healthy breads and this caught my eye because it is not only a 100% Whole Wheat / Whole grain bread, but it also is a high fiber bread. It has 6 net carbs, flaxseed with Omega-3 and only 40 calories per slice. - 90 mg of Omega 3 *(*40 calories per slice - No High Fructose corn syrup High in fiber - 98% fat free - No trans fats -  No Hydrogenated oils -  Saturated fat free - Cholesterol free - No potassium Bromate - 6 grams of net carbs I thought this bread would be on the tough side, but to my surprise the texture is a soft, light bread and it toasts up great (I will be able to use this in my pudgie pie maker...please see my "Cast Iron Double Pie Iron review"). A moister breads work perfect for the iron.  The flavor is a treat too. It's light and doesn't have that wheat bread taste...how do I know this? I for the life of me can not get my husband to eat wheat bread or any kind of grain breads...No fighting when I serve this at breakfast or dinner (shhhhh he doesn't know it's good for him). It is the darker color of  bread so maybe he is just giving in and knows I am right :) I learned a lot researching the different items that this bread has and doesn't have for this review and I know I found a bread I will stick with. It has a lot of pluses.  Taste very good and health bennies are super.

Appleton, WI


Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat/Whole Grain bread

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