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Healthy Choice
Healthy Choice Soup.

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It's a healthy AND great tasting soup.


This has got to be one of the best canned soups I have ever tasted. I usually make homemade chicken noodle soup, but if I am in a hurry I can just pull out a can of healthy choice soup and warm it up. It is such a hearty soup. It is jam packed full of noodles, chicken and some veggies. It's very delicious and it is good for you too.



Healthy Choice Traditional Lentil soup is a bad choice


Not to purchase this. We busted out our pantry one cold day and settled on what we thought was going to be a good choice for lunch; Healthy Choice Traditional Lentil soup. We regretted every bite. Really? Why? Well, the claims that this microwaveable bowl (14 oz) has 1/2 cup of vegetables with only 150 calories and 440mg. of sodium per serving was misleading. In reality, this soup was for 2 servings which doubles those claims. Who is sharing this? The green package makes us feel like it is a single serving size that would be healthy for us to eat. Well, what about the taste? First you eat with your eyes. This soup was ugly. It was brown with wimpy, soggy, ex-green items swimming in it. What were those green things? We literally had to look at the ingredient list to figure it out. They claimed it was spinach. Seriously? We choose to differ. The flavors were off. Salt and burnt carrot maybe. It was gross. It smelled gross. Continue reading on Examiner.com Healthy Choice Traditional Lentil soup: choose something else - Long Island grocery | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/grocery-in-long-island/healthy-choice-traditional-lentil-soup-choose-something-else-review#ixzz1mBWAFEEi

Cold Spring Harbor, NY


Healthy Choice Soups are good for your health, great tasting!


Healthy Choice Soups are good for your health, great tasting!I absolutely love Healthy Choice Soups, especially the ones that are made with broth.  I am a "very picky" eater and I can tell when Soups are made with good or poor quality.  Healthy Choice Vegetable & Chicken Soup are made with the finest ingredients.  They have carrots, celery etc. and other vegetables that have been made with care and they taste like a professional has cooked them.  The Chicken Noodle Soup has great tasting noodles cooked to perfection, all you have to do is heat up the soup and the noodles are "never" overcooked.  You can do the same for the vegetable soup too.  I do not like the clam chowder they make but that is because I don't like clam chowder.  The soups that Healthy Choice makes are outstanding for your health, especially the chicken and vegetable soups.  They are helpful if you are trying to lose weight.  I would absolutely tell my friends to try the vegetable and chicken soup!  I would also tell them to buy them on sale, as you won't want to stop eating them.  I do wish the soups were lower in price, but they are worth the price I pay, whether I get them on sale or not.

Stockton, CA


Try this soup!!


Recently I tried a Chicken with rice soup made by Healthy Choice Company.Healthy Choice is a registered trademark of ConAgra Brands, Inc.Surprisingly for the serving size of one cup or two hundred and forty grams this soup contains only one hundred and ten calories and one and a half grams of fat.There is two methods to prepare this soup - you could eider microwave it or stove cook it in the saucepan.Cook it and enjoy your soup.

Northbrook, IL


It is very salty.


 I have tried the vegetable soup in the single serving size as take-along lunches.It has a lot of veggies and a good variety, The only thing I don't like is it tastes like too much salt and pepper, and you really need water afterwards.

Big Rapids, MI


Healthy Choice Soup.

3.8 5