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Healthy Choice Healthy Choice - Cafe Steamers - Grilled Chicken Marinara

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Will Healthy Choice every quite trying new product lines?  Probably not, and with good reason.  The new **Healthy Choice Steamers **are part of the Healthy Choice entrees family and are microwaveable.  The slogan, "Satisfy your Appetite to Eat Right," which is actually pretty appropriate for the **Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara **meal.  **Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara Basics: **grilled, lightly seasoned chicken breast, penne pasta, broccoli florets, marinara sauce and a little bit of cheese. To Prepare **Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara**you simply pull it out of the refrigerator and and place it in the microwave for 4-6 minutes. No venting, no pulling, tearing or anything.  Wait 2 minutes after cooking.  Lift the plastic lid off. Pull out a steamer basket bowl and slide the food onto a plate or you can use the self serve bowl that it comes with.  **Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara Nutritional Information **  Serving size:1 Meal (284 g )Calories: 250 Calories from fat: 40 Total Fat (4 g) 6 %Saturated Fat (1 g) 5 %Trans Fat (0g) 0%Cholesterol (30 mg) 10 %Sodium (550 mg) 23 %Vitamin A 10 %Calcium 10 % Total Carbohydrates (32 g) 11 %Dietary Fiber (5 g) 20 %Sugar (4 g)Protein (20 g)Vitamin C 20 %Iron 10 % ***My Viewpoint:*  Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara **tastes much better than many other frozen/refrigerated meals that you microwave. Since we are always on the go and I very rarely get breakfast, once I do sit down to lunch I need something a little more substantial, but don't want a lot of fat and calories, not to mention most of the time I have to share it with my daughters.  The grilled chicken was probably the best part of this dish, I could have done with more chicken and less pasta -- or at least switch to whole grain or wheat pasta.  The chicken was flavorful, you could actually taste the garlic and black pepper with a little bit of a grilled taste. The broccoli was a little too steamed, I like some crunch left in my vegetable, but it could have been that I steamed it too long.  The sauce was as good as most jars -- similar in flavor to say Prego and not too chunky, nor did it all the noodles burn up and stick together with this steaming method.  I like that it has no preservatives, and has 30% of the RDA of vegetables.  I was pretty hungry, so added a small salad to the meal. The down side is it is high in sodium, and even now I still have that "thirsty" taste in my mouth.  Purist would say that it's not good for you since it is high in sodium, there are some ingredients a biochemist may have problems pronouncing, but overall, it is better for you, tastier and more convenient (and not that much more expensive) than many other instant meals and lunches.  **Healthy Choice Steamers Grilled Chicken Marinara **is definitely a lunch that I would enjoy again.  On a "green" note, the containers are recyclable, and also keeps you from having to waste water and detergent on washes dishes after, as well as makes it easy to pack this in your lunch.    

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Healthy Choice Healthy Choice - Cafe Steamers - Grilled Chicken Marinara

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