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Very Poor Website


Even apart from the politics of whether this healthcare law is good or bad, this is a very poorly designed website. When it first became available, I tried to get on and the servers were so overwhelmed I was not able to get through and see much. I waited a little while for them to get the bugs out and for the traffic to die down. The next time I got on I was looking for general pricing info on plans and the quality of the plans available, since it would be a close call for us whether we would be able to pay for insurance through it or not. I was very disappointed to see that the website expected me to put in all my personal and financial information before they would even give me a basic estimate on price. They did not need this info, and I believe the reason they wanted it was to be able to try to push the tax credits available I order to reduce the sticker shock of the high priced plans that do not begin to cover much until you have already paid a lot. I skipped entering my info and waited it out until I could get basic estimates. I found that the cost was far too high, as the cheapest plans would have cost about $350 per month and would not have covered anything until we had paid several thousand dollars in medical costs out of pocket.




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