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HealthPro Nutrition VitaGravy Dog Food Topping

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No Arthritis after Vita Gravy Hop & Joint for six months


Vet said that Charlie was 3 lbs overweight and that along with arthritis caused his limp in 2013. We were encouraged to keep him and try a weight management food with less calories since we were following proportion guidelines and an eating schedule for a Bichion. He was eating food that helped with itching due to allergies. Medication is an absolute last resort for us. He did not like any of the four weight management foods we tried until we found Vita Gravy Skin and Coat. It was a bit thick but 1/4 cup of warm water added did the trick the combination of 1/4 Kibble, 1 tablespoon of Vita gravy and 1/4 warm water had Charlie licking his chops and wagging his tail. When we went back to the Smart commercial pert store they were out and we were told that they would no longer carry Vita Gravy with no explanation. So we tried the competing pet store, where the pets go, and they had it in stock with options. The hip and joint formula caught my eye and we tried it and he loved it. We returned and purchased two more pouches. In two weeks Charlie no longer limped at all. We actually saw results in a few days- occasional limping after laying down. But he no longer stated at the steps. He started taking them one at a time but he is now back to bounding up the stairs as he did when we adopted him at 5 (he is now 8). The following month were returned to an empty shelf where it is kept. When we inquired about new shipments, and were assured that It was not listed to be discontinued from this pet store. However, it took another month to get more. So when we get it we typically clear the shelf of the Hip and Joint formula. The 2014 vet visit in March (a year and a month after the previous year's check up and diagnosis of arthritis) Charlie was down 2 lbs but much leaner and the vet double checked the chart because he saw no signs of what he had documented last year. We told him about Vita Gravy, he had heard of it, scratched his head and told us to keep doing what works! Our trouble is finding it. Quality of Ingredients My dog loves the stuff. If we don't put it on his food he sits at the bowl. He waited half the day to eat in an instance where we had to wait for another more to come to the pet store. Charlie's vet was astonished at his agility after we started using Vita Gravy and even more so that he shed a few lbs. Only complaint about ingredients is that we had two pouches where the gravy was very thick and grainy. We adjusted by using less and adding a bit more water and he seemed fine. Side Effects The Hip & Joint Formula helped to eliminate symptoms caused by arthritis. I am amazed at the amazement of Charlie's vet from using Vita Gravy. It is an excellent topping for weight management food.




None of our dogs care for this product...


When we discovered that our animals love the taste of gravy in their foods, we began the hunt for a gravy designed for adding to their dry food. We discovered this product and took home several flavors. What we found was that NONE of our four dogs would even lick at it! I guess the smell was not what they liked so we then tried to disquise it in other foods.... but no....they would not eat it with the Vita Gravy mixed in. There must be something that smells bad to them in this particular product so we threw it out. Even my one cat that LOVES gravy would not eat it. I wish I could say something positive but the animals would not touch it. Quality of Ingredients I cannot say that the quality of the ingredients is bad but the animals will not eat it so there is something about it they do not care for in this product. Side Effects They wouldn't eat it so there are no side effects except our wallet was made thinner with an unwanted purchase. We would recommend buying only one pouch before investing in the all.


Whitewright, TX


Perfect for picky eaters!


My German Sheppard has always been a picky eater but I have found the older he gets, the more picky he becomes on things he is willing to eat to the point I have had to throw human food in with his dog food just to keep him from losing more weight. He is so picky he has gone days without eating because he didn't like the dog food plain. I tried changing dog food to the more expensive labels and that did not work either no matter what brand of food I chose. I was worried about him eating so much human food but at my wits end because it was the only way I could get him to eat dog food was to mix it with human food. My Veterinarian recommended HealthPro Nutrition VitaGravy Dog food topping so I gave it a try and now he eats all his dog food and I don't have to mix in human food to accomplish it! I have already noticed his coat looks shinier as well with the added nutrition this product saved my pet! I would recommend this for anyone who has a dog that is so picky in eating that they suffer for it by weight loss. Quality of Ingredients I love the fact it is nutritious and that he actually EATS his food now! Side Effects No side effects




Made my dog VERY SICK


My Goldendoodle was feed products from HealthPro Nutrition and got severely ill. She would not eat, drink or play, instead she just whimpered and looked miserable. I thought it could be from a number of different things so a couple days later when she was re hydrated and back to her normal self, I feed her the food again. She again became really ill. This was the first time food has not agreed with her. Even when she has gotten into products she was not supposed to, she has not had stomach problems. Because of this, I would NOT RECOMMEND this product to anyone.




HealthPro Nutrition VitaGravy Dog Food Topping

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