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Health o Meter SDR743DQ-01 Digital Scale, White

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Economical and Accurate


This scale has become one of my favorites. I've used it for quite a while and I've never seen it suffer any degree of inaccuracy. I can weigh many times in a row and get the same answer, even if my weight is shifted a little to one side of the scale. It's certainly not an attractive unit, so I keep it in the cabinet under the sink, but it has stood up to thousands of weigh-ins and it's still in perfect condition. With a reasonable price tag on top of that, I can quickly recommend this scale to anyone. Performance Reliable and accurate. Durability Lots and lots of use has not worn it down at all. Design t's not bad, but it's not exactly a decorative model. Ease of Use Super easy - just touch and go! Accuracy Always consistent!



Not my Health o Meters fault I haven't lost the weight


I bought my Health o Meter Scale a couple of years ago.  I was in one of those "I'm gonna lose weight" moods.  Needless to say the weight is still on and I still have not been able to come up with a reason that it is the scale fault some how.  This scale has a nice big screen with huge red digital numbers that are very easy to read. It also stores your weight, the day that you weighed- so that the next time you step on it will calculate and show the how much weight you lost/gained from last time you checked.  It will hold up to four different sets of numbers, so if your family is also wanting to keep track of their weight loss/gain all they have to do is choose their number and let the scale keep track of all their information for them.  You can reset that information if needed at any time.  It weighs in pounds or kilograms so you have that choice depending on which one that you are more comfortable using.  It also reads the ounces, which is pretty in depth (I think), but still it is kind of cool.  Unlike other scales that will only go as high as 300lbs. this scale has capacity to hold up to four hundred lb/181kg. but exceeding that weight may damage it.  Four AA batteries is what it takes to power it, ours has lasted a long time without having to change the batteries yet.  I imagine the choice of battery will make the difference with that.  It is very easy to clean, which is also another one of my favorites about it.  I would recommend this scale.

Springfield, OR


Very accurate


I bought this scale about 4 months ago when I decided to get serious about weight loss.  The first one I bought would not work so I exchanged it for another and the second one worked.  I think the batteries may have gone bad in the first one.  I had read that this scale was the best home scale on the market and was very accurate.  It has an easy to read disply and white and black color scheme which matches my bathroom perfectly.  It is nice enough so you don't have to hide it in the closet.  It is the perfect addition to any bathroom.  I have been able to track my weight loss progress and since it shows ounces, it makes you feel good even if you only loose a couple ounces.   At least you see some weight loss and that keeps you motivated.  With a regular dial scale you can't see ounces and it's very easy to get discouraged.  I would recommend this scale to anyone who is trying to follow a weight loss regimen. 

Saint Louis, MO


I can't believe how accurate the Health O Meter is!


This scale is surprisingly accurate. I always step on mine 3 times in a row, and it has always given me the same reading. It is a great value scale, too. I bought it because it was inexpensive, so I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality product that I got! I assumed that inexpensive would mean innacurate, but not with this bathroom scale! I also appreciate how easy to read the numbers are. I can see them clearly even when I'm still bleary-eyed from sleep. I am currently trying to lose baby weight, so accuracy and convenience are very important to me in a bathroom scale, and I have found both with my Health-o-meter scale. It is small enough to not be cumbersome in the bathroom, but big enough to accommodate even my husband's big feet! It is simple to use. I would highly recommend this bathroom scale to anyone looking for something simple, accurate and inexpensive.I love my health-o-meter scale!

Alexander, AR


Health o Meter SDR743DQ-01 Digital Scale, White

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