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Health O Meter
Health o Meter Digital Scale

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Not the best scale


I bought this because I thought a digital scale would be more accurate. This is not the best scale. If you step on it three times in a row, you'll get three different readings. I'm sorry to say that it had to go back. I have had health o meter scales in the past and I really liked them. This particular model does not measure up to their standards nor to mine. I do like that it is capable of programming multiple people to track weight loss. But without accurate readings, that feature is pretty much useless. Maybe I got a bad unit, but I wasn't going to risk getting another one that didn't read properly. I can't say I'd recommend this scale.

New York, NY


Too unreliable


I bought this scale in the hopes of keeping track of my weight while on a diet.  The scale comes with some bells and whistles.  It will track your weight (quite helpful when you're on a diet) and it will store weights and progress for up to four people.  When I first stepped on the scale, I was excited to learn that I weighed 2 pounds less than I did on our old scale.  However, an hour later, I was really shocked when the scale reported that I not only regained those 2 pounds I also gained another 7.  I didn't even have a bite to eat! The scale is totally unreliable.  It will fluctuate widely; not just a pound or two like many other scales.  I'm talking ten, twenty even thirty pounds off.  If it was consistently off a certain number of pounds, I could deal with it.  But it's not.  Picking a number for your weight out of a hat would probably be just as accurate. This scale is very inexpensive, but that is irrelevant when you have no faith in the numbers it spits out.  I would not recommend this scale.  A total waste of money.

Denton, TX


So far so good


My Health-O-Meter (#HDM776DQ-95) was a recent gift, after throwing away a very old, manual scale that had become unpredictable.  I have always been skeptical of digital or any sort of electric scale (haven't had much luck with them), and relied upon the old-fashioned scales that are in doctors' offices the most for the most accurate reading.  I haven't had this Health-O-Meter very long, but so far it is performing accurately and consistently with what is taken at the doctor's office.  It is not confusing to use, and responds quickly when you tap it.  I didn't pay for it, but I know what it costs, and so far it has been worth the price.  A scale like this is a boring gift, but it is also a great gift, because it is something I wouldn't, and others wouldn't, bother buying for themselves.  A great gift for newlyweds or someone getting their first apartment or home.  It is far more handy to have accurate weight information that I anticipated.

Fairfield, VA


Didn't have the best Luck with this Scale!


I am a person who loves to shop for bargains, and save money any which way I can. I purchased this scale and I have to say it is money I shouldn't have wasted! It was on sale and I thought well surely it will be pretty good, well I was wrong. It didn't seem to work from the 2nd time we used it. Plus when my husband stepped on it, it started to crack some down the middle of the scale. It said he fit into the weight limit so I thought hmm this is odd! In my opinion this scale is very cheap looking and it doesn't seem to be that accurate. We had our old scale still so we weighed ourselves on that one and compared to the new one and 2 different numbers appeared. So I thought that is weird. So I stood on this scale again it it was totally different from the number I had just weighed a minute ago. It never seemed to work right. I was highly dissapointed in this product. Needless to say I took it back and got our money back.

Larned, KS


This scale sucks.


This is the most inaccurate scale ever.  It will give you about 3 different readings in 3 minutes.  My son is 5, it told us he weighed 99 pounds.  I'm 35, it told me I weighed 35 pounds.  In order to get an "accurate" weight, you have to stand on it EXACTLY like you did the last time.  Amazingly, you might get it to say the same thing twice in a row.  We have two healthometer scales, and both of them give different readings every day.  Avoid this scale at all costs.

Brandon, MS


Health o Meter Digital Scale

2.0 5