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Health O Meter
Health o Meter Bathroom Scale

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very accurate


I've had this heathometer digital scale for about 3 yrs now. I always weigh myself before going to doctor appointments and it's always the same as the doctor office scale, my old scale was about 10 pounds different. Very good accurate digital scale, I've never had to change battery yet.

Patton, PA


Love the health o meter!


My husband and I purchased the Health O Meter almost a year ago.  We were wanting to get in shape and this was one of the first steps. We love how you can save your settings such as height age gender etc.  The Health  O Meter tells body fat percentage, BMI, as well as water weight percentages and body fat percentages.  I have been losing weight through working out and exercise and it feels so great to step up on that scale and see that number drop every time.  You can even save what you goal is and it will say how many more pounds you have to go!  This is definatley the best bathroom scale I have ever owned and I am in love with it!  I think if the Health O Meter we have were to break tomorrow we would buy another one right away!  It really is nice to have a digil screen as well as save up to four people.  I love my Health O Meter and I would definately recommened it to anyone who is looking for a bathroom scale that tells you lots more than just your weight!!  Great product!

Swannanoa, NC


The Health O Meter has stood the test of time


The Health O Meter bathroom scale has lasted for over 4 years with our family and it is still going strong.  It is easy to operate, clean and easy to see the numbers.  Would recommend this to anyone.

Saint Paul, MN


want cheap you get cheap


i bought this a couple of years ago it works nice the only problem that i have is the battery cover pops off and the batteries fly out does this with every one that gets on the scale also the buttons stick on the bottom and you have to reprogram it other than that it works well just annoying

Chauvin, LA


working well so far model BFM588DQ-81


My roommate and I use this. We bought this about two months or so ago. We like that you can save entries but there are not enough. With the way electronics are today, they need to have it to where we can put more entries in it. You can have up to 4 people saving their info. You put in age, height, date and etc. They only thing I did notice when I put the info in was that the buttons would catch on the edge. I had to use my fingernail to pop it back out each time. We figure the others would be the same so we didn't take it back. So far it is working well. Calculates body fat and hydration %, Displays weight and change in weight for up to 4 users, One-button SAVE function stores up to 19 entries per user, Accurately measures weight up to 375 lbs in 0.2 lb increments, FDA approved BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) measures body fat by passing tiny electrical impulses through the body.    

Ocala, FL


Health o Meter Bathroom Scale

4.2 5