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Health Support
Health Support Coconut Oil Diet

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My hair looked great, but no weight loss!


This pill is easy to find, but it cost a little more than I expected. I purchased it in hope that the Coconut Oil Diet would live up to the hype. It did not. It is healthy for you and I noticed a big difference in how my hair looked. My nails were strong and even my skin took on a healthy glow. However, I did not see any difference in my appetite or cravings for food. I, most certainly, did not lose any weight on this diet. It is just another diet pill that companies advertise as a miracle weight loss drug, when it is not. Do not be fooled, friends! Effectiveness This medicine was effective for everything that I was not looking for. I wanted to lose weight, instead my hair looked awesome! Not a bad trade off, but it is not what I was looking for! Side Effects I am giving the side effects a six, because I liked the side effects I experienced while on this medication. My skin was amazing! It is an all natural pill, so it is not bad for you.




No weight loss


I have purchased and tied the Health Support Coconut Oil Diet and did not do anything to help me lose weight which it promised. It is a good healthy supplement to take but it is not for losing weight. This Health Support Coconut Oil Diet is pretty much a waste of money just like all over the counter diet pills. This is good for your skin which I do like but it is a bit pricey to not get the weight loss part of the promise. I will not purchase this Health Support Coconut Oil Diet pills anymore. You can find a cheaper supplement for healthy skin than what you pay for this. I would recommend that you do not waste your money on these so called diet pills because you will certainly be disappointed. Now this may work from someone else but everyone I have spoken to that has tried these pills state they do not work and in my experience they did not work either. Do not waste your time or put any faith or energy into these pills because you will not be happy in the end.




I was not happy with the Health Support Coconut Oil Diet


I was not happy with the Health Support Coconut Oil Diet because I just didn't feel it was natural for the oil to go into your body instead of trying to do it a better way. I have tried everything and then the coconut oil was something I was going to try doing this and just the thought was really bothering me so I quit. Read all the label's and then look up everything about the coconut oil and make sure it is really something that you want to do. Effectiveness I didn't feel that they were working or that they were helping at all, there are other ways to get your extra weight off then using diet pills. Side Effects I did not notice any side effects because I didn't give it enough time for that to happen, it just scared me to much to put that oil in my body.


Milo, IA


Healty enough but no help for weight loss


As a diet pill, I would say it did little or nothing however as a nutritional supplement it did improve my skin and nails. It was recommended at the health food store to improve thyroid function and I saw no sign of that. Nor did I see any improvement to my overall health, mood or cravings just a slight improvement to my skin tone and what seemed like more shine to my hair. Note this product is a coconut oil supplement in pill form not the solid oil that you can use to cook with or eat from the jar to supplement. I have read that the amount of oil in the supplement is much much lower than the non pill form which makes sense and perhaps that is why I did not have success with it as a diet supplement. Also the coconut oil diet references an entire diet program that advocates taking a tablespoon or more of the oil with each meal, again not the pills. Perhaps the amount of oil in the pill form is simply too low to provide maxim benefits in terms of weight loss? Overall, as an all natural single ingredient supplement it would seem it can't hurt and may even have some other health benefits but as a weight loss aid it was a bust.


Lenoir, NC


The Coconunt Oil Diet was Interesting!!


okay, so the coconunt oil diet is good in some ways, but ineffective as far as i could see in others. first, it made my hair, skin, and nails look so much better, because that was what i was looking for. i recently have had some stretch marks and a nutritionist recommending going on a coconut oil diet to help put moisture in my skin. it did that, but it was also supposed to aid in weight loss, but i didnt see any results for that. overall, the product is a very healthy one for overall health. i wouldnt recommend it for weight loss specifically, but i would recommend it for those who are looking to have healthier skin, nails, and hair. also, it is said to help with muscle limberness. thats what my nutritionist said. I actually do think it helped a little, because i started to not get as sore after working out and running and i felt like i was becomming more flexible too. Its worth a try, defininately worth the money.


Grove City, OH


Health Support Coconut Oil Diet is just a waste of your money.


Health Support Coconut Oil Diet natural weight loss support pills are just a waste of your money just like all the other diet pills out there. These pills are 100% certified organic coconut oil and are supposedly able to help improve thyroid function while reducing hypoglycemic cravings. When I took the over a peroid of threee months, there was no way of telling if it did anything for thyroid function. But, I can definetly say it did not do anything for cravings because I usually don't have cravings except for spicy foods. I don't even really like sweets but, I actually ate more sweets than I had ever did before after I started taking these pills. So after three months of the same thing occuring, I just gave up on these pills and decided to get a total gym. I would not waste my money on these pills or any others again. The best way to lose weight is to exercise reguarly. So, don't waste your time or money on trying these pills out, you will just be disapointed. The may be all natural coconut oil but if it does not work who really cares what it is made with, it just is not worth the disapointment.


Suffolk, VA


Health Support Coconut Oil Diet

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