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Health O Meter
Health O Meter Weight Trend Tracking Scale HDM037DQ-01

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Good scale


We use his scale for weighing ourselves, suitcases for flying, and occasionally smaller objects that we need to know about. It can be made to be versatile enough to do a lot of these different things. Performance This scale works very well at giving an accurate weight down to 2/10's of a pound. The only time I have a problem with its performance is in small differences. Sometimes if I want to know how much something weighs that is only a pound or two, I will step on the scale to find my weight, and then step on again holding this object. When the difference is about a pound or so, the scale will often give the same reading instead of showing any difference. Durability The scale has lasted well for awhile. It does use batteries, but it does not drain the, quickly, and they last quite a long time. Ease of Use The scale is sensitive to slight shifts in weight, so you need to stand extremely still while it is counting up the pounds. But other than that, it is easy to use. It's nice having a step switch to turn it on, as this helps save battery life when compared to it always being on. Accuracy As mentioned under performance, it sometimes struggles with small differences in weight. But otherwise it seems quite accurate.




Health O Meter Weight Trend Tracking Scale HDM037DQ-01

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