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Head & Shoulders
Head & Shoulders Refresh 2-in-1 with Natural Mint

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This is really good for anyone with dandruff. Beware the smell.


Overall this stuff is really good for your scalp and dandruff if you have it. If not than it's also something that I would recommend just to wash your hair with. After I washed my hair with it my hair came out squeaky clean but still but still soft. Effectiveness For me it worked really well I've always had dandruff problems and they seemed to lesson after the first use. I continued using it and things gradually got better. It actually got to the point that I could go longer in-between washes. The longest I've went is about a month and the only reason I went that long is because I ran out and couldn't find another bottle. Scent I'm not really a fan of the minty smell. The only reason I still picked it up is because I had heard that it was good for your hair. In general it wasn't really that bad but still it was kinda clingy and I almost can never get the smell out even by useing a flowery conditioner afterwards.




Tingly fun


I've had my some dandruff problems in the past but usually a short term usage(usually about a week or so) of dandruff shampoo clears it all up. I usually buy whatever is the cheapest product and use only the shampoo, but there was a sell one day and so I decided to try out the product once, and I must say I really love it. I use it everyday now and first thing in the morning it is so nice to small that mint and it really does tingle on your scalp. It wakes me right up every morning to get me ready for my day. I usually will never spend extra money just for name brand or special stuff, but I am always willing to spend the extra money for this two in one shampoo conditioner. Even my girlfriend starting using it and she says her scalp does not itch like it use to and she is really a lot happier with her hair. I also noticed that the two in one shampoo and conditioner makes for a quicker shower and using less water, I now have more time in the day, a healthier scalp, a better morning, and using less hot water means a lower propane bill.


Chico, CA


when your Aveda days are over


i remember when i could afford the aveda rosemary mint shampoo, and how i loved that tingly sensation like my head was steaming after i got out of the shower.  this product is the next best thing.  i will not try the generic wal-mart version since i spilled some when i used to stock there and that stuff stained the floor.  but this is nice.  i have the 2-in-1, plus i use a very heavy conditioner on top of that, so of course my hair feels a bit waxy afterwards, but i live in a very dry, cold region and it's necessary. good stuff.


Rochester, MN


Head & Shoulders Refresh 2-in-1 with Natural Mint

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