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Great store with every item you can imagine


I love this store for so many different reasons. The main one is the furniture options they have available for purchase. I was looking for a desk for my granddaughter and actually found a desk that was just like those that I used when I was a child, (a very long time ago). It was the best fine and of such great quality, I actually purchased another for a neighbors child so that they could have the same experiences that I had as a youngster. Ease of Use It is a fairly easy site to navigate, although some issues with same items loading up all the time. Product Selection The site has everything you can imagine for your home, office and otherwise. I always feel like I hit the jackpot when I find something I haven't seen before. Product Pricing They have very reasonably priced items to choose from and everything can fit just about any budget. Customer Service They have an excellent customer service department Shipping and Returns Reasonably priced shipping department, as they always have deals on shipping.



I'm a thrifty shopper with expensive taste


This company sells items from different stores nationwide which can make refunds a frustrating experience. I shipped three packages to three different locations three weeks ago. I've received a refund for one package and am still waiting on the other. I've been calling everyday and still no refund. It's definitely not a hassle free experience.

Brooklyn, NY


Hayneedle.com: More than 200 Stores to Keep you Busy


Finding the right gift can take some time and shopping online can often involve jumping from web site to web site as you seek out the right item for the occasion. One web site that offers a large variety of merchandise in a sngle place is **Hayneedle.com**, an online store that sells home- related products.  **Online Store Commentary:** ** ** Hayneedle.com is an online store that offers goods in categories like patio & garden, home accessories, babies & kids, sports & games, and more. Hayneedle.com is unique in that it combines multiple "web sites" into a single online shopping experience. As you click the links and search for something to buy, you will notice that the screen changes names to another web site, such as cribs.com, musicboxes.com, birdcages.com, etc. However, the Hayneedle.com logo remains at the top of the screen and this is because most all of these web domains are part of Hayneedle.com. There are a few exceptions, but most of the stores you find while shopping at Hayneedle.com will keep you right there, in the Hayneedle.com web site.  Hayneedle.com offers a very large selection of merchandise and this is one of the site's main attractions. Besides the large variety, Hayneedle.com has a few other facts that make it unique. First, there is free shipping but unlike other web sites that offer free shipping once you reach a certain, specified purchase level, Hayneedle.com offers free shipping on certain, select items. It doesn't matter what they cost- if they have a free shipping label, then you pay no shipping. Another interesting fact with the shipping is that it is often free on big ticket items, and this is something you usually don't see in other online stores. On the negative side, however, Hayneedle.com does not offer many different shipping options. You have to accept whatever Hayneedle.com offers you, when it comes to shipping, and this will often amount to only a couple of options. This lack of flexibility could make Hayneedle.com impractical for some shoppers. As for the pricing, Hayneedle.com is a hit and miss experience. Gift baskets, for example, are overpriced and so is baby furniture and other items. However, there are some bargains to be found at Hayneedle.com, like in the area of pet items. Not only is the price fair, it often includes free shipping or very inexpensive shipping, making it worth a look. The return policy at Hayneedle.com is also good. They offer a no hassle return guarantee and allow returns within 30 days of purchase, with a replacement shipped to you at no additional cost.  Navigating through Hayneedle.com does take time. If you want to browse for something to buy, you can either click one of the main categories or click the option to view all 200+ stores. I prefer the latter option because it allows me to view all of the subcategories at once. From this, I can browse for a gift item and zero- in on an appropriate purchase. Unfortunately, it can still take quite a bit of time to find what you want because the stores do not offer many sorting options. You can sort by brand name or by customer review rating, but there are very few other choices.   **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Hayneedle.com is a decent online experience that gains points in some areas and loses points in others. The variety is wide and the shipping is cheap, but the navigation of the site along with the inconsistent pricing makes it a site that could stand for some improvements. 

Houston, TX



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