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Spray-On Sunscreen
Hawaiian Tropic
Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Continous Spray Sunscreen SPF 55

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The scent is okay.


The Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Continous Spray Sunscreen SPF 55 is another one of those spray sunscreens. This product works well and when you spray it on your skin, it absorbs and dries quickly. It doesn't feel greasy either, which is a plus. However, I find the scent just mediocre.



good coverage


Hawaiian tropic is long lasting and not too heavily scented. The slightly greasy feeling vanishes in minutes and I don't burn. Most sun screens no matter how much I use I still burn. its easy to use but you still need to use your hands to wipe it around because it spras fast and you get focused spots in some places and hit and miss in others. I wish I could get this same spray in a lotion instead but all the hawaiian tropic lotions are slightly different and this one gives me the best protection. Also by having a spray can you don't run the risk of a bottle coming open in your beach bag or getting gritty sand in the cap. nothing is more painful than rubbing lotion into your skin if its gritty. I also wish they had the little keyring bottle for onetime use I dont always want to carry a bag. I have never tried it on a baby but my teenaged grandson has used it and didn't have any problems with his fair skin. Plus he didnt't worru about it smelling too feminine Absorption It could absorb a little faster Ease of Application sprays fast so it can be hit or miss

Nottingham, MD


Easy to apply and just enough sun protection coverage


This product is great!  It goes on smooth and has just the right amount of coverage.  The smell is also fantastic!  I recommend it to any of you sun-worshippers out there! Even those who enjoy the water because it is waterproof on top of it all! Happy sunbathing!

Wallingford, CT


to much alcohol


      I have very fair skin and have to use a high spf to not burn.       I enjoy using Hawaiian Tropics.     With this particular product I found it to have a high content of alcohol.  It even      smelled of pure alcohol.  This can be very dangerous to those who have certain      health issues that include even applying any products with alcohol to their exterior      parts or extremities.  This can affect their internal organs.        I did switch to an alternate Hawaiian Tropic product and was quite pleased with      its results; I would recommend to the consumer to be aware of the high content      of alcohol in this product...

Mesa, AZ


The best sunscreen for fair skin


Hawaiian Tropic Ulitmate continuous Spray sunscreen 55 with Ozone sunsure technology.  Clear UVB and UVA protection. This is a very good product and smells very nice I love the continuous Spray.It really works well and I recommend it to anyone who has fair skin or is worried about sun damage Its also recommend by skin cancer foundation and is Water proof with parasol 1789 oil free non greasy quick and even coverage. Very good value for the money

Palm Coast, FL


Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Continous Spray Sunscreen SPF 55

3.8 5