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Hathaway™ Back Stop Table Tennis Table


Have a blast with the Hathaway Back Stop Table Tennis Table!

Back Stop is built with strong 1-3/8 in. powder coated steel legs that make this table extremely stable and easy to play. The high grade 3 in. locking wheels make moving Back Stop quick and easy. The heavy duty 3/4 in. thick CARB certified MDF playing surface is coated with 20 layers of high quality coating that ensures a uniform, consistent bounce. The table folds at the center for individual practice. Both ends of the table fold up for compact storage when not in use. An easy to use, unique safety mechanism locks the table during normal play or storage. Back Stop comes complete with 2 table tennis paddles and 2 balls.

1-year Limited Warranty

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Decent Table


The apartment complex I live in has a Recreation Room that has things like this Hathaway Back Stop table tennis table. My boyfriend and I have used the tables a number of times when we want to kill some time [and play some really bad table tennis!] Because of the wheels these tables can be moved fairly easily, which is good because they are slightly heavy. When you want to use the tables make sure you lock the wheels into place so you do not bump and move the table. There are a lot of people in this apartment complex that use the tables and for the most part they have remained looking new. There were 3 of these tables in our Recreation Room; however, people were leaning up against the middle of the tables and broke them. That is something you may want to take note of if you purchase this particular table. The middle is not as solid as the rest of it since that is where it folds at. If you play a lot of table tennis I would recommend this one. It has entertained those of us in the apartment complex for many hours.



The table that grows with you


I love how our Hathaway Back Stop Table Tennis Table has grown and evolved with our family. My siblings and I had an old one in our playroom when we were in high school. We would play with our friends for hours. When I went off to college, my roommates and I purchased our own Hathaway Back Stop Table Tennis Table for our house. We would play table tennis for hours or hit against the "back stop" when no one else was around. However, the main reason we purchased the table tennis table was for beer pong. It was perfect. In addition, surviving a couple of college years, our Hathaway Back Stop Table Tennis Table now has a much better home in my new post-college house and still gets used on a regular basis. The table top has held up, I am still able to wheel the table around if need be, and I can still hit against the back stop like I did when it was brand new. Hathaway has built a product that has truly been tested and proven to survive.



Hathaway™ Back Stop Table Tennis Table

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