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Hasbro Guess Who? Game


Can you guess your opponent's Mystery Character before they guess yours? Then you're ready to win this version of the classic Guess Who? game! Ask your opponent yes-or-no questions about the character's details, and close the doors to the wrong characters based on the answers. Make your guess when you're ready, but don't guess wrong – if you do, you can't guess again until your next turn! But if you guess right, you're the winner!

Guess Who? and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

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fun guessing game


I used to love guess who game when I was a little kid. I remember wanting to play all the time and getting everyone to play with me. This new version is basically the same with some different characters. There is two plastic boards with the doors on it and cardboard character sheets. There are 4 different sheets including people, pets, sea creatures, and foods. The game is simple. Both players pick a set of characters to play and slide them into the back of the plastic handheld board then they secretly pick which one they want the other player to have to guess. There is a sliding piece they put next to the one they pick so they don't forget. The two players take turns asking yes or no questions about the mystery character. They then close the doors on the ones they know it can't be according to the answers they get. They single it down and make a guess when they have asked enough questions. It is a very fun game and is great for kids that aren't the same age because it doesn't require much skill. One thing i didn't like at all about this new version is that the carboard character inserts are super flimsy. When you slide it in there isn't a whole lot holding it in place and you have to hold it up so the other player can't see who you have chosen. It would have been a lot better if there was another plastic piece behind the cardboard so it's not so flimsy. The game is inexpensive so it is worth buying. My kids enjoy playing and it's a nice quiet game. I like this game because there isn't small pieces to loose and there is nothing that has to be assembled every time the kids want to play. It is a great gift idea for a wide age range and it doesn't cost a whole lot. Both boys and girls will enjoy playing and adults can play too without getting too bored. I would recommend this to anyone and definitely for homes with more then one kid. This game has been played quite a bit in our house and it hasn't lost its appeal to the kids yet.



The Memories of Childhood


Me and my kids have lots of fun playing this game and it really brings back a lot of childhood memories. This new and improved version of Guess Who is a lot sturdier game board that isn't made of paper. It is more durable now and better for kids. The game has two boards with it for each player as well as four different game boards so you never get tired of the game that you are playing. Me and my kids share a lot of laughs when we play this game and it is one of my favorites. The kids love it and play it all of the time without me as well, because it is just that much fun to work your mind and try to figure out who the other player is. This is a great gift for Christmas, birthdays and just because and it is great for kids of all ages (about 4 and up, maybe 5.)

Clarksville, TN




This is one of the best games ever. I also use it in my classroom to teach descriptions in English and Spanish. The kids who have never been exposed to this game are shocked to find that a graphics card in the computer is not the only way to find a game in awe and shock. The answers always surprise everyone; the kids simply love this game-- a lot. I DO TOO!

Atlanta. GA


Hasbro Guess Who Is Super Fun and Different!


The Hasbro Guess Who game has changed a lot since I was playing it as a kid! I was expecting to have to play with my daughter and explain mustache, hair and glasses guesses and it was actually much more exciting than that! This game has interchange character cards with different themes! So instead we are asking questions like, "Is it a dessert?" or "Does your character have fins?" The only con with this game is that the interchangeable cards are so incredibly fun, I wish they sold more themes separately! There are four themed card total, two that are double sided. I needed a board game that would be a good option for a younger child to play. My daughter started showing interest in board games around three years of age and I tried so hard to find toddler friendly games that I could play WITH her. I would definitely recommend this for all families. It is a great, easy and funny game for younger children as well. I got this when my daughter was four years old and she had no problem learning how to play right away! This would also make a great family gift as anyone can play. I am so glad I came across this game!

Nampa, ID


Guess Who? Guess What?


I always use to live playing this game as a kid. When I saw it we picked it up to have game night with our son. He's at the age now where we can dive into board games and seeing all the classics on the shelves is exciting! So they have put a new twist and spin on this version of the Guess Who? Not only is it Guess Who? But it's also Guess What? Using foods as the guessing parties! And they also have animals which is super fun too! It comes as usual with two door boards and all those fun little flippy doors you get to snap out and on individually. And it comes with four two-sided character boards. If you love the classic guess who, have kids or you're just craving some nostalgia then I recommend this newer take on the game. Super fun!!



Excellent memory game that will stimulate the childs mind


I love playing the Hasbro Guess Who memory game with my four year old son. This is a simple memory game that my child and I can play to help him improve his memory. The game is short because there are not that many tiles to flip over, which is a good aspect because I do not want to overwhelm my child with too many tiles to remember. This game has the right amount of tiles to my child does not get frustrated if he does not match a character. The board is sturdy and the game pieces have not broken as of yet. The price is ridiculously low for this type of game, and it can provide hours of worthwhile entertainment for your children. I highly recommend playing this game to help stimulate memory function.

north augusta sc

Stands the Test of Time


I love the game Guess Who?, by Hasbro. I can recall countless hours sitting at my kitchen table playing this game with my brother ( although he was probably cheating). This game has stood the test of time. It was popular 30 years ago, and it is still a fun game for kids today. Not only is this game fun, it is educational Innoway. Children get to use their descriptive words and learn adjectives a this game has stood the test of time. It was popular 30 years ago, and it is still a fun game for kids today. Not only is this game fun, it is educational Innoway. Children get to use their descriptive words and learn adjectives. It is truly a game that exercises the mind without being too difficult. I would recommend this game for any children, boys or girls, between the ages of five and 12. However, even as an adult, I enjoy playing this game as well. There are many different versions of this game available out there on the market today. I believe they have some different character themed versions available like princesses or Marvel characters. Games like these, ones that are quiet and basic, are the best kinds of games. It is quite refreshing to me, as a parent, to see my children play board games over electronic games and tablets. There's too much technology in the world today and taking a step back in time, with classic games like these, are the memories that I believe they will cherish. I would highly, highly suggest this game over and over. I have already purchased this game by Hasbro, Guess Who for my children this year. They have only played it at friends houses and have enjoyed it, it is time to get one for here.

Central Jersey


We play this game over and over!


We absolutely love this game! This was one of my favorite games as a kid, and now I love playing it with my own kids. I love that this game helps kids use their critical thinking skills while having fun. i love that the game can be silly and toned down for younger kids or very serious and challenging for older kids. The negatives with this game is that we have gone through several actual games over the years because they are not very sturdy and don't hold up over time. We have broken several pieces and end up have to replace them, but that could be because we have three rough boys! Overall, this is one of my absolute favorite games to play with my kids and is certainly the center of tons of family memories.

Elizabethton Tennessee


Hasbro Guess Who? Game

4.8 8