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Harvest Manor Farms
Harvest Manor Farms - Hoody's Roasted in Shell Peanuts

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The Product is Okay but Qualitiy Control is Terrible


We usually buy the Hoody's Peanut from local grocery store every week. Many time I find many empty shells inside of the bags which I think it's aceptable. A week ago, when I was eating the peanuts, I found a very strange looking peanut. As I look closer, it's a 2 inches long stick (1/4 inches wide) inside of the peanuts. I was thrilled. I felt lucky that I was the one found it instead of my sons. I can't imagine how terrible it would be if one of my sons take a bite into it. So I contacted the customer service of Harvest Marnor Farms. There wasn't anybody answered the phone, so I let my phone numbers with the problem I found. I kept waiting for three days and there was no one contact me. Then, I called the second time. Still.. no one contacted me. I forced to call the third time. Finally, I was able to talk to a 'real person'. She didn't say much. No aplogize or anything thing. All she did is asking my name, address, and phone numbers. And wanted me to mail the package with the 'stick' back to them. And I will get a full price refund. I have never experience any customer service like this. So I decided do not purchase their product for a while. Until they got their problem straighten up.

Bothell, WA


Harvest Manor Farms - Hoody's Roasted in Shell Peanuts

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