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Hartz dog toy

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My dog loves the Hartz DuraPlay Bone


My little Jack Russel terrier LOVES her Hartz DuraPlay Bone. It seems to be the perfect combination of softness, bounciness, and squeaky-ness. Typically when I purchase a new toy for my dog she'll play with them off and on for a couple of hours on the first night, then slowly over the weeks it will make itself into the "regular rotation". However, my pup, after receiving the Hartz DuraPlay Bone played with it for HOURS the first night, and ever since then I has not taken a backseat to any toy. My dog likes to chew her toys, but she's not really rough with them. For example, stuffed animal toys will last for weeks, so I don't know how this bone would hold up with a dog who likes to tear things apart, but for my dog, it's perfect.


Pittsburgh, PA


Hartz makes great toys


I have bought my dog a number of Hartz toys over the years and have been very pleased by the quality of their toys.  My dogs favorite by far had to be the vinyl squeaky hamburger toy.  I bought her when she was still a tiny puppy and she loved  and played with that toy so much that the vinyl around the squeaker ended up wearing out after months of her consent abuse.  So I made a point of buying Hartz squeaky hamburgers anytime I saw them in stores, unfortunately at some point Hartz redesigned the toy and started making it out of a harder plastic which didn't go over very well with my dog.  I looked all over for months for that hamburger and fortunately I came across a ton of the original design at a discount store for 75 cents each and I cleared them out.  Overall I have been extremely happy with Hartz toys and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality toy for their dog.


Erie, PA


i dont go anywhere without my hartz toy!


My first toy to buy for my shephard mix was the Hartz dog toy flying duck with the red cape. He takes it everywhere and that includes to bed EVERY NIGHT! It's his security blanket. He loves it. It's become the best toy I've ever purchased for any of my dogs. They provide great fun and quality!! :)


Nashville, TN


Hartz dog toy

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