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Milk Replacer
Hartz Precision Nutrition Powdered Milk Replacer for Kittens

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Clumpy powder.


This is a great replacement for kittens, it helps to keep them healthy especially when they do not have their mother around anymore to give them the milk that they need. I have had to use this many times as I like to take in kittens and help out the shelter and feed them when they need someone. I bought this for a group that I had because the pre mixed liquid kind they had they were completely out of. I figured that this would be just as good and it would be like kitten formula. I measured it out and mixed it with water, which is very easy to do, and found that it stayed kind of clumpy. It was really hard to get all of the clumps of it out and get it well mixed. The kittens did not seem to mind, they enjoyed it and thrived on it. It smells really bad after you use it, so you need to make sure that you wash the bowl make it in out right away because if you don't it is going to start to stink really fast. It is great for kittens and always helps make them gain weight and stay healthy.



Life Saving product!


This formula is fantastic for kittens that have lost their mothers and are too young to eat wet or dry cat food. I prefer the powder over the liquid because it will last longer and can be mixed when convenient. I actually did not purchase this for a kitten but for a baby rabbit that was abandoned by its mother. The milk can be used for a variety of creatures, not just kittens. Hartz also makes the tiny bottles that you can put the milk in to feed the baby. This formula has an easy to use chart on the side of the can that tells you how much water to add in order to make the milk. The nutrition is good for the young animal that otherwise would die without the nutrition of the milk and the help of a kind-hearted person. Hartz has done a beautiful thing but manufacturing this milk so that babies can be saved when their mothers cannot care for them. But please follow the directions and do your research or see a vet before caring for a baby.

Empire, AL


Okay for other animals but not the best for kittens


I have very mixed opinions about this milk supplement. I have used it in the past to feed other types of orphaned animals; bunnies and even an opossum once, and for that it worked well enough and got the babies to the point where they could eat solid food without having too many vitamin issues. But for kittens it can actually be too harsh for very weak kittens and can case failure to thrive problems in them; they often won't put on enough weight as they grow. There are much better supplements out there for kittens, this will do in an emergency but I wouldn't advise it be used for long term feeding if you have kittens that need all the weight they can manage to put on. Another issue I've had with this product is mixing it. The powder is very hard to get mixed smooth in water and often ends up with thick lumps that you have to work to get out. Heating it up some can help with this but you still end up with a very watery end result that most kittens will try to drink too fast so you have to be careful to watch for signs of choking or breathing the liquid into their lungs. Quality of Ingredients Not a good match for weak kittens; they need more fat and vitamins than they can get with this and mixing it yourself ends in a watery end result that can cause choking. Flavor Selection I've never had a kitten reject it entirely but I have usually needed to coax them into eating it the first few times until they adjust to the taste.



Hartz precision milk replacer-- good nutrition and economical


"Oh no! More orphan animals!" I called to my husband, as we worked on the morning critter feeding. We were out of our regular brand of kitten milk replacer, and needed something more economical and widely available this time. I callled the closest discount department store's pet section and spoke to a salesperson. They stocked Hartz brand precision milk replacer in liquid and powder. Since this litter contained  six, we needed the powdered version; two 8 ounce liquid cans equalled the price of the powdered. 96 servings beats 4-6 servings for each can! Hartz contains taurine, which supports heart and eye health. It has a minimum protein content of 30%, and 40% fat, from both animal and vegetable sources. It is designed to be more digestible and fits the needs of kittens more than cows milk or goats milk.  Once opened, It has a shelf life of 2 months at most. It usually takes three cans of powder to raise a litter of 4-6 kittens to the point they can switch over to solid food completely. The orphans? Purring contentedly? Not exactly. This batch of babies was rabbit, not kitten. MIlk replacer is frequently used to raise orphan rabbits. Surprisingly rabbit milk is nutritionally closer to cat milk than cow's milk! We plan on getting a new jar of Hartz precision milk replacer to keep unopened on handfor the next emergency.

Bremond, TX


Hartz Precision Nutrition Powdered Milk Replacer for Kittens

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