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Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin Twists with Sweet Potato

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Good for teeth, but may cause bleeding


Every so often I will purchase Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin Twists for my dog and she spends about an hour nibbling away at them. These treats are tough, but don't do any damage to her teeth. They actually do a good job of keeping them clean and strong. These treats are about 5 inches long and I thought initially these could be dangerous if my dog runs into an object by accident with it in her mouth like a cigar, but luckily she holds them horizontally. The only down side I noticed with these treats is that if I give my dog more than two in a week her gums will start to bleed a little. Even though her veterinarian said this was normal and actually helps build jaw strength, I try to keep this treat to a minimum. Because I dish these twists out at a low rate a pack of 25 can last my dog for several months. I will continue to buy Hartz Oinkies for my dog as a way to get some quality chewing to help maintain her healthy teeth.

Westchester, IL


Hartz Oinkies dog treats


First let me say that my dog absolutely loved these treats. She would sit there and gnaw on them for hours on end until there was nothing left but a tiny little piece. They are a wonderful treat for dogs that like to chew a lot as it does take some time to completely chew up these treats. The sweet potato flavoring makes them even better and the chewing will help strengthen and clean your dogs teeth. Now comes the bad part about these treats. They stain! They stain the carpets, the furniture, the walls, your clothes. Anything the dog rubbed these on after chewing for a while would be stained an orange color. I wish I had known because these would have been a strictly outside treat. The coloring that rubs off does come out with some elbow grease but who has time for that. Overall I would buy these again since they were so loved but I will remember that they are not good indoor treats.



These are OK dog treats


I have a mixed breed dog that after months of dealing with bad ear infection was diagnosed as having a beef allergy. We had always given him and our other dog rawhide chews to keep them occupied while we ate dinner or when they were outside. Once we found out about his allergy to beef all the rawhides when to the local animal shelter. We went looking for a new treat that he could enjoy and that's when we came across Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin Twists with Sweet Potato. Our dog loves these treats and has enjoyed them for the last six years. He goes nuts anytime he sees someone holding the package, we used them for rewards after clipping nails or bath time. Our dog is a big time chewer so he goes thru these in less then five minutes, so we always watch closely when he ate them to make sure he never choked. We stopped buying these treats for our dog about two years ago because we got a new puppy who doesn't seem to be able to handle these treats very well, she has a very sensitive system. Even if we hadn't stopped buying them for that reason I probably wouldn't purchase these treats anymore because they are made in China and there have just been too many problems lately with treats made from there that I don't feel comfortable with giving them to my dogs anymore.

Erie, PA


Casey loves his Hartz Sweet Potato twists!


This treat is one of the best. Casey is a 90 lb golden,who goes bonkers for these. They are like the best of everything rolled into one. He loves the pis skin, which is rolled like a rawhide around a sweet potato filling. He makes me nervous at first because I was afraid he would choke on it, but it quickly started unraveling and getting soft. He then likes to like out the filling. It keeps him occupied for almost a half hour, which is a really long time for him. I like that they are healthy and safe for him, and that they have real ingredients and sweet potatoes. He gets one a day, but would eat a bag a day if I let him. He will sit net to the counter after his afternoon nap until he gets it!

Dover, DE


Hartz Oinkies Smoked Pig Skin Twists with Sweet Potato

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