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Hartz Dentist's Best with DentaShield

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Hartz dog treats


Every dog I ever had since I was child had a these treats. There are made out of some sort of rawhide and dogs just love them, mine included. They are great for dogs that like to chew on everything and great for teaching dogs fetch. They have no flavor added and they are made very well and solid. They seem to last quite a long time too, not like some treats where they eat them immediately. My dog would sit there for what seemed hours chewing on this and slobbering all over the place. I liked using these in the yard to teach my girl how to catch and fetch. One thing with these treats though is that they can cause one heck of a mess. As the dog chewed on it the treat itself would almost melt and turn into a slobbery mess that seemed to stick to everything. I used to try to grab them before that happened and toss them but my dog usually was faster than me. Best thing is to let it harden back up and then pick up the mess.



Bone Delicious


These large bones are supposed to last for a while, but not with my Buddy around. He would have one of these disposed of within a few minutes of receiving them. I do not buy them often because they cost more than most other treats, but it is a special reward for him from time to time. I guess that they taste great considering how fast he gobbles them down. I like the fact of knowing the dog bones are good for his teeth and help keep his breath fresh. Buddy certainly has doggie breath to the fullest extent. Not only do the bones help his teeth look whiter, they also help remove tartar buildup, and our pets need this too! The bones are easy to find wherever you shop for pet products. I purchase them at Wal-Mart, although they are not always in stock at my local center. I think these treats are a good choice for my Buddy, but I do wish the price wasn't so much so that I would be able to buy them more often.

Nashville, TN


Give The Dog a Bone


Hart's Denist's Best with DentalShield is my dog's favorite treat now. He is quite picky so when I purchased a pack, I did not think that he would go for them but I had a coupon and thought I would give it a try. The fact that it is good for his teeth and dental hygiene was a factor I liked. To my amazement, I gave him one and he loved it. He wanted another. I save them for special treats but am just so relieved that he loves them and that they are good for him at the same time. I checked with my vet as I do with any pet product and he said he has heard nothing but good about them so I am happy about that. If you are looking to try these, chances are you can find them on sale or locate a coupon to try them out at first but if your dog is like mine, he will love them.

Decatur, TX


My grand dog just loves it his Hartz Chew treats


I always have special treats for my son's dog.  She is a small dog , but just loves her Hartz Dentist's Best with Denta Shield Chew Treats.  The package says for large dogs, so this is a challange for her.  She is determined and just absolutely loves it.  It is hard on the outside and I guess chewy on the center.  She will spend quite a bit of time chewing her Hartz Dentist's best Denta SHield and every time she bites off a small chunk of it she feels like she has truly accomplished something.  I always have treats , so I feel as though she is getting something healthy and especially good for her teeth.I like that it is for blocking tarter.  My son does not want me to give her some treats because they are not good for the dog, but also feels like this is more of a healthy kind of snack for her.  It is so important to keep a dogs teeth healthy so I am so glad Hartz has make a health type of treat. Hartz is a company that I trust.   

Norcross, GA


Hartz Dentist's Best with DentaShield

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