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Baking Stones
Hartstone Pottery
Hartstone Pottery Baking Stones

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Hartstone REALLY IS better than Pampered Chef!


My friends and I have bought dozens of Hartstone Baking Stone Products.  They are wonderful to cook in!   Clean up is easy with soap and water, or they can go in the dishwasher! You can't use soap on Pampered Chef stones! Plus, food doesn't stick to them like it does on Pampered Chef!  I called the company and found out that Hartstone baking stones are now fired at 2200 degrees, so they can go from freezer to oven without breaking! We highly recommend the Hartstone line of baking stones!  This is an American company run by Americans! Yeah!

Huntsville, AL


Great product and great service


I searched a long time to find a baking stone to make Indian Nan bread and came up with Hartstone.  The first one arrived damaged in shipping.  The help and service I got was outstanding and the replacement arrived pronto.  Works great with the Nan as well as other recipes for breads and pizza. I also love that I am supporting US workers having recently lost my job to overseas workers.

New Orleans, LA


Hartstone Pottery Baking Stones

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