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luxurious treats


Although a little bit pricey, HarryandDavid.com offers luxurious treats delivered to your door, or the door of your choice. The saying, "You get what you pay for" is really true for this company. I have purchased juicy, ripe fruit, rich creamy chocolate and gorgeous flower bouquets. The website is easy to navigate, offers life-like photos of the products and offers promotions such as free shipping on a regular basis. Upon entering the HarryandDavid website you are prompted to enter your email address for special offers, this is a great thing as I have received great website savings through this program. The tabs across the top are clearly marked with categories with each category having a drop down menu of more product selection. There is also a pop up chat window so you can ask a representative any questions you may have. HarryandDavid.com is an easy to use website that delivers quality products.




Great service here


HarryandDavid.com is a real high quality online gourmet shopping site. They also host some of The Cheesecake Factory's products of which I am very personally accustomed to. The colors they used in their website are bright and cheery and have a mood lifting essence to them. Besides the general overall look of the site, it is also uncomplicated and easy to browse. I can always find what I need quickly because They have enabled ways to do a more limited search - by price brackets or occasion I enjoy their fruit of the month products the best. They always arrive fresh and well put together. They have never made a mistake with any of my orders as of yet, it's been over one year now. Their prices have also remained consistent and I have definetely received high quality service whenever I shop there. I wouldn't say that they own the business so to speak but they definetely give their competition a run for their money.




Great website for gift baskets


Harryanddavid.com is a great website if you are looking for gifts to send to someone or even if you're just looking to fill up your kitchen cabinets. The homepage of the website has departments you can click on to shop for different items. You can search for monthly club items, wines, chocolates and sweets, etc. There are normally deals listed on the homepage, so you can get a lot of discounts thru shopping at harryanddavid.com. The website is easy to navigate, and you can easily find answers to frequently asked questions. As well as having items for sale, the website has a Blog and Recipes. This is really nice because it makes it more than a website just for shopping: you can find out the best ways to use the products. The checkout process for the website is also easy to go thru. The items ship quickly, and they always arrive looking exactly like they look on the website photos.




HarryandDavid.com is so nice


HarryandDavid.com has items you can never get at a store! Their customer service representatives have always been great if I needed to call. They even reshipped an item I sent as a gift at no charge to me. It is so nice to know there are still companies out there that really go out of their way to satisfy their customers.


Braintree, MA


One of the Best Customer service Departments out there.


Love ordering and receiving gifts from Harry and David. Granted the products are not always consistently good quality, but they will not hesitate to reship the item free of charge to yourself or the recipient no questions asked. I have even offered to take a picture of the poor quality pears and apples, and they customer service representative said it was not necessary. I have even requested just re-sending the fruit instead of the entire basket, and still they always say they want their customer satisfied and replace the entire order. Prices are high, but with their quick shipping, and wonderful customer service, I will not hesitate from ordering from Harry and David again and again. Their customer service alone is worth spending the extra money. We all want our products delivered correctly the first time, but knowing Harry and David will keep trying until they get it right is a sign of a company that cares about their customers.


Bradford, NH



5.0 5