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Harry & David
Harry & David Tower of Sweet Treats

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Harry's and Davids Tower of Sweet Treats made great gifts


I was having a difficult time trying to decide what to give as gifts for some of our older friends that are in retirement homes. Someone mentioned Harry's and Davids and I thought that I had discovered the perfect gift. Lots of plus though - The gifts arrived on time, looked impressive even though the boxes were mostly filler instead of the goodies that I was expecting. Everyone that was on my list seemed to enjoy the gifts and the towers did look cute. I discovered everyone's favorite seems to be the yogurt pretzels that surprised me. The treats are set up as a tower and tied with ribbons. I think part of the delight was the bright colorful ribbons and the gift boxes that the goodies were in. I thought they were somewhat overpriced for the amount of candies and treats that was sent. The pictures that I saw seemed larger and more grandeur than what was actual. The gifts arrived on time and in good shape so I guess it was okay but I think that I will have to rethink before I spend that much money.

Peoria, AZ


LOVE harry & davids


I swear that every product I have tried with Harry & David's is a hit and I love it.  My brother actually got this for everyone in the family this year for Christmas.  If it is your first time trying a Harry & David product this is a great starter kit.  It lets you sample several of their products.  The pears are my favorite and probably the most popular out of their products.  The pears literally taste and melt like butter in your mouth.  Do remember to eat them when they are soft.  The first time I tried their pears I tried to eat it when it wasn't ready.  My mom likes to get a spoon and eat it that way instead of cutting them up or eating it straight.  The cookies is probably my second favorite thing.  The cookies are really soft and not too sweet.  Their products are kinda expensive but you can always get great deals such as after christmas and there are always specials going on with coupon codes online.  You have to try Harry & David's if you haven't already.

Oklahoma City, OK


Thumbs up to Harry and David tower of sweet treats.


We recieved the Harry and David tower of sweet treats for Christmas. The quality of the treats is outstanding and I highly recommened this item to everyone. From the chocolate and carmel covered mouse tracks to the dark and regular chocolate smores you can't go wrong.

Waterloo, IA


This Tower of Treats can fall on me any time


Visualize in your mind.  You come home and there's a package on your porch.  On the box ae pictures of pears.  This could mean one thing; **Harry & David** has arrived!  You take it inside and rip the box open to find...more boxes.  These boxes are decorative and different colors.  The** Tower of Sweet Treats**. As you open each colorful box you find tasty goodies.  The biggest green box has scrumptious Moose Munch (a must with any **Harry & David** purchase along with the pears). The blue box holds little Pirouline Chocolate Wafers, which you can eat by itself or with hot chocolate or eggnog.  The red box holds tantalizing Honey Roasted Peanuts and the yellow box contains mouth-watering Vanilla Caramel (like no other!).  Sitting at the top of this holiday tower is a petite blue box holding two decadent Chocolate Truffles.  The only question is, what to try first? The tasty treats inside the **Tower of Sweet Treats** make for a great holiday gift, or just to enjoy yourself.  The decadent boxes, once emptied (that won't be hard), sit inside each other and are so beautiful and sturdy you can keep them and reuse them.  For a great treat think **Harry & David Tower of Sweet Treats**.

Downieville, CA


Harry & David Tower of Sweet Treats

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