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Harrington's of Vermont

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I would not buy this product again. Could have pur for less


I purchased a ham during Christmas 2018 and my boyfriend who at most of it said it was great. I normally buy the honey baked but thought I would buy your product. I decided to buy another one for Christmas 2019. It was the worst that I have ever had. It was chewy and after eating one small piece I chose not to eat any more. We cut off the bone. It was so fatty and so grissyly. After cutting all off bone, we had about five small pieces which we froze but will probably never eat it again. May try in beans for taste. I was very disappointed.

Memphis, TN


Delicious ham for dinner and no work at all with Harringtons.


I ordered a boneless ham from Harrington's of Vermont online back in the fall to be delivered over the holidays. It was my first time ordering from the company, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a fabulous ham, and I'm glad I ordered it. Harrington's of Vermont is known for hams, and they have several types. Some are the larger ones with the bone in and some are spiral cut. The one I got to try out was a smaller bonless. The ham came by mail vacuum sealed and packed with chill packs. It was well packed and arrived right on time. The ham is scored (cut crisscross), and I did think it was actually sliced. But, it is not sliced. It just has the pretty pattern that only dents in and not cuts through the meat. It was suggested to serve at room temperature. Normally I'd heat ham, but I thought I'd do what it said. I put it out about 45 minutes before dinner, and that worked out well. The ham looked very nice, but the taste was what made it stand out. It's a smoked style ham, and I'd have to say it's the nicest flavor I've had on a ham. Lots of time I end up with ham left over and never eaten, but this ham was so good that everyone keep nibbling along, and it was all gone in two days. This is a super easy option for a main dish, and the Harrington's ham both looks pretty and tastes fabulous. All I had to do was let it set out a while and then slice it. While I do like to cook and write about cooking, it is fun to have an easy option that still tastes terrific. Harrington hams fall on that list.

southern, NC



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