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Harriet Carter
Harriet Carter Frost-A-Window Vinyl Covering

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Easy To Use But Can Peel, Bubble And Curl


When I was looking in to getting the bathroom window on the first floor etched I got a couple of price quotes from local artists that offered the service. Some would come and do it while the window was still in place, others wanted me to bring the pane in to their shop. Before I ended up doing the etching myself I used a couple of different tack-style products to see if I could block the view of anyone on the patio from seeing in without having curtains or blinds keeping sunlight out of the room. The Frost-A-Window kit is sold online as well as in stores, Harriet Carter is on of the online and catalog merchants that sell it but it is not an exclusive item so you can find it elsewhere. It handles almost the same way as contact paper or shelf liner paper but there is an adhesive side that gets pressed against the glass. You need to make sure that the glass is clean and dry before you apply this. Having two people hang it is a lot easier than trying to do it yourself. You need to measure the window and see how much you are going to need; the roll is only eighteen inches wide so most people are going to need to use two pieces and cut or trim the second piece. It took about twenty minutes to do the top and the bottom of the window and thankfully I had help. The first couple of weeks it looked great but the corners started to curl up a little and then the center seam was starting to show. If you are applying this to a window that gets more than a couple of hours of strong sunlight per day you could end up seeing the curled corners and seam line a lot quicker than if it is used on a window that only gets a minimal amount of strong sunlight per day.



Harriet Carter Frost-A-Window Vinyl Covering

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