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Harney & Sons
Harney & Sons Medium Glass Teapot (Item #)

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pretty but not highly functional


This tea pot was the prettiest at the store where I bought it. I love the elegant handle and spout. But within a few months of owning it, the lid fell off while I was pouring tea. It hit the floor and shattered. The worst part was, I had already noticed it didn't fit well and had been trying to prevent just such a thing from occurring. I found a ceramic lid that fit well enough but it never looked right. I also bought this tea pot with a tea light warmer, and it never sat perfectly on that either. The basket for loose tea has incredibly tiny slots. So I find tea infuses more slowly, and sometimes I have to put in more tea to get the same strength as I would in a mesh tea ball. It is pretty to use with blossoming tea, but with weaker teas so little flavor passes through, it is practically tasteless when I use it with my blossoming tiger tea balls. And it is very difficult to clean the little slats, I have to use a high powered water sprayer.



The best pot I've ever used for loose leaf tea.


After using awful tea balls for way too long, I found this great little tea pot to use with my loose leaf tea. I love that there is not more worrying about the tea ball coming undone or popping open and having to strain your tea. I love the sleek look of this tea pot. I love being able to see the color changes as the tea steeps in the glass. It is so easy to simply measure your tea leaves, dump them in the steeper, time the steep, and then remove the leaves. Very rarely to I did a stray tea leaf in my cup. I can't believe I waited so long to order one of these amazing tea pots. Performance This tea pot is so easy to use. It removes the need for tea balls or tea bags for loose leaf tea. Being clear, it is super easy to see when your tea is ready to drink. I just love it. Safety This is made of glass, so it can break like any other glass item. The glass also will get hot and there isn't any guard there to help keep your hands from burning if you touch the hot pot. You just have to have common sense when using this lovely pot. Ease of Cleaning Being glass you can easily see any stain on the glass. That can be a positive thing or a negative thing. Being glass, it is very easy to wash and rinse. It is one of the easiest pots to clean that I own. Durability This is made of glass. If you drop it just right it will break. There is no dinting the glass. I love the glass and it is thick glass. I love it so much I won't give it less than a five. Design This is just a plain sleek looking tea pot. Nothing fancy about it, which makes it prefect for any kitchen. I love it and would recommend it for anyone to use in any style kitchen.

Iliff, CO


Good design


I bought this tea pot basically because it looks good on my table. I like to serve my guests flower tea, and this tea port can showcase my tea very well. The teapot does not hold heat too well, so it gets cold relatively quickly. Cleaning the filter is a little difficult so make sure you rinse it under water immediately after use. Otherwsie when it dries up, it's very hard to scrap the bits off the filter. This also will be a good gift for others who are tea lovers. But it's not very durable and functional for every day use. The tea pot is very good at brewing red tea, but not too good for black fermented tea. The tea leaves made a difference too because the filter capacity is relatively small. You cannot brew tea that requires larger tea leaves. You also should not add sugar directly into the teapot because it'll make the pot slippery and hard to clean. Overall i will recommend this pot but for limited use only.

New York, NY


Harney & Sons Glass Teapot


I ordered this teapot from Harney & Sons for steeping and drinking their art/blooming teas. The teapot is very pretty and it shows the blooming teas flowering very well. It is enjoyable to watch. The teapot is a little small. It is best for one person, but may be shared between two people. I wish that it was a little bit bigger. The teapot is very difficult to wash out when you use it for loose tea. The loose tea can get stuck inside the filter. But, the filter does work well and loose tea does not go into your tea cup. I don't use the teapot as much as I thought that I would because of the size. The tea cooled down a lot faster than I would like. I'm not sure why, maybe the lid doesn't keep it too warm. This teapot is great for the art/blooming teas.

Detroit, MI


Harney & Sons Medium Glass Teapot (Item #)

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