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Harmony Literider Backless Booster Car Seat

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Harmony Booster is a Great Deal and Great Seat!


I recently bought this for my son that is six years old and he loves it. The model that we purchased for him has camoflauge material and he was in heaven when I picked it up for him. He was in need of a new booster and I did some research and for the price this one is rated really well for the price. I could not get over how reasonable priced it was considering it is rated as one of the top four booster seats as recently stated in Parents magazine. It is also a great seat if you drive a smaller vehicle. I like that it fits in the back of my four door sedan without taking up a ton of the backseat. This is a great option if you have more than one carseat to put in a row. I also love that it is very lightweight and it isn't bulky. I was glad too that it goes up to 100 lbs, so I won't have to purchase a new one anytime soon if he gains some weight. A lot of carseats also start at 40 pounds and this one starts at 30 pounds which is great!

Henderson, NV


literider, yes. harmony, no.


My husband uses this booster in his car for one of my girls.  Though the price of the product was cheap (which is always helpful when you have children) it quality of the product is also cheap.  It is a light weight booster, which is nice if you have to move it from one car to another, however, it is also not completely stable.  My five year old daughter is a little chunky and we constantly have a problem with this booster rocking from one side to the other.  Also, it seems to move around alot under her weight (meaning that it slides out from under her).  Attaching the anchor helps this problem but the rocking still persists.  The anchor strap also pops off fairly easily.  I would not recommend this product for anyone with a child over 50 pounds.  This product is okay for my four year old who is petite.  It rocks  a little less with her, but some of that can be attributed to the fact that she is a wiggle worm.  I would not recommend buying this booster.  Spend the extra five or ten bucks on a better product

Rayle, GA


Great value for little money


I bought this booster seat for my oldest daughter, I liked it so much that when my mom was looking to get her own booster seat for her car, I recomended that she buy the same seat. My family spends a lot of time in the car so I wanted to make sure that I got a seat that was comfortable for my daughter to sit in for long periods of time, with out spending alot of money, since she most likely won't be in it for very long. I would highly recomend this booster seat to any one looking for a booster seat at a great value but not with a large price tag.

Frankfort, OH


The BEST booster seat!!


I LOVE this seat. I needed  aseat that was both SAFE, small in width (because I have 3 kids and need to fit 3 car seats across) and comfortable. this seat is all that, and easy to clean and I LOVE the strap on the back that holds the shoulder belt right where it should be on my son.   I was just reading how a booster seat SHOULD be, and the lap belt should criss the thighs, not the stomach (to prevent internal injury in an accident)- this seat places the lap belt correctly, our Graco one does not

Boise, ID


Harmony Literider Backless Booster Car Seat

4.0 4