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Harmony Farms
Harmony Farms Cat food--purple bag

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Great food I can feel good about, and great for sensitive cats!


I've always tried to buy the better foods for my kitty, never the cheap stuff, but never thought natural would make a difference or be worth it. Well my kitty started getting sick a lot, I figured it must be an allergy,perhaps to an ingredient or something. As I read more on the subject, I found that cats often develop allergies to foods and even the colorings used in food. So I tried a few different natural foods, some he would pick at but some he just didnt like. Lots of them didnt have a very strong smell, which may have been the problem (I also read that many cats wont eat a food they cant smell). Well my kitty seems to like this food, not LOVE it, but he eats it :-) He hasnt been sick since! And I can feel good about whats in it, and how they produce it.

Attleboro, MA


Harmony Farms is great - healthy and natural cat food


Harmony Farms cat food, the kind in the purple bag, is fantastic. First, it's available at Stop & Shop, so I don't have to go to a remote shop to find a cat food with natural ingredients. Second, it's not too expensive. A big bag is 12.99 at my Stop & Shop; while it's a little pricer than Iams or Friskies, it's less expensive than most of the organic foods you see in specialty stores and your cats will be healthier.  Overall, a great product. The kitties love it, and I feel better knowing they're not eating who knows what in the main pet food brands.

Jamaica Plain, MA


Harmony Farms Cat food--purple bag

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