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Are they for real?


I have to admit that I was very surprised at the amount of products that are listed under each category. The lists just go on and on of brands and products available. When I first visited the website I thought to myself that who ever developed it could definitely have done a more professional website. It looks like something my nine year old son could have developed. It is very sloppy and cheap looking. The reason for giving this website a six is because of some of the prices for these items. Some of them are marked up way too high. For example, nail polish remover that I can buy in the store for one dollar, I would pay three or four dollars for it on this website. You really have to scour the website to find deals or at least decent deals. I placed one order with them for lotion, perfume and hair care items. It arrived in the amount of time the confirmation specified, but in the end I don't think the overall experience was worth my time. I can go to other websites such as Amazon.com and have a much easier shopping experience and get the products at better prices. Even though they have an extensive list of brands, they aren't brands you can't find easily on other websites such as Amazon.com. I don't think I'll be placing any more orders with them.



Ballerina soap, 5-Day deodorants, Microwaveable Spa Socks!


     I was enchanted *and* put off (especially in medical supplies) by ***www.hardtofind.com***.  The personal health and cosmetic items were most interesting, sometimes downright enticing.       A lot of things in the diapering, cradle cap, oral hygiene, sunscreens categories, etc. may appeal to young moms in particular.     Be aware that anything marked down in red is a clearance item.  Even here, "when it's gone, it can be *really* gone".  Okay, so...  *     Some* of these may ring your chimes.  (Or your mom's, dad's, or even* *your* grandparents'* chimes!)       ***5-Day roll-on Deodorant *or***** Deodorant Pads***Probably now for camping or if someone is bed-ridden.  (To think, I once used them!)***Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser****               **Lavoris Mouthwash***I remember petroleum-based Albolene applied easily, and Lavoris had licorice flavor.*     **Sen Sen ****     *These little gray pellets taste of licorice and seem strong enough to clear your sinuses. *Sen Sen *was the first commercial breath freshener in the U.S.  It originated in the 1890s, a little before my time.***Aqua Velva After Shave          XTRA *****500-lb capacity canes and walkers**My first boyfriend wore Aqua Velva.  But the XTRA appliances are out of my league.***Bamboo Naturals Hair Drying Wrap***Eco friendly.  No preservatives, chemicals, etc.  Sounds interesting.***Bounty to Go ***Travel size paper towels.  Dispensers are available, too.***Spa Comforts Spa Socks***They're microwaveable all right.  But it doesn't sound like you can walk around in them.***Mineral From the Dead Sea***This is among the multiple brands which offer exotic bath soaps and skin creams.Have fun!  And thanks for your comment.  I'd love to know if this site works for you.

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