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Happy Me Skincare
Happy Me Skincare Natural Acne Corrective System

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The Moisturizer Made Me Happy; I'll Pass on the Rest


Usually when I buy a complete skin care system, I end up only liking one or two items and ignoring the rest. I was hoping I would like everything in the **Happy Me** acne skincare kit, but unfortunately, the face wash and moisturizer were the only standouts for me. The acne wash smells very organic and spa-like and contains antioxidants to nourish skin, salicylic and lactic acids to gently exfoliate skin, and the anti-microbial olive leaf extract. But the biggest winner for me was the healing moisturizer, which left my skin looking great. Effectiveness The acne wash lathered nicely and rinsed cleanly. My oily skin felt very fresh, with no residue or irritation. In addition, the healing moisturizer made my skin feel soft and moisturized, but not greasy. Better yet, the enlarged pores on my cheeks were visually diminished and my skin stayed matte and oil-free all day. Ease of Application While the moisturizer applied easily and absorbed quickly, the Overnight Pimple Eliminator solution was too watery to target a pimple effectively. It just didn't work very well. Convenience Although it's convenient to have the Happy Me acne corrective products all in one kit, it would ultimately be a waste for me. I only liked the Natural Acne Wash and Natural Acne Healing Moisturizer, so I'm glad they are available separately. Side Effects I didn't have side effects at all. No burning, irritation, dry skin or breakouts. Immediacy I would say that the results are not instantaneous, but they compare well with similar acne products I've tried. Some blemishes are affected more quickly than others.

Chicagoland, IL


Happy Me Skincare Natural Acne Corrective System

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