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Happy Bellies
Happy Bellies Organic Oatmeal Cereal

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Love Happy Bellies!


Our family first tried Happy Bellies Organic Oatmeal Cereal almost five years ago when our twins were babies. We tried several brands of organic oatmeals and there was no comparison once we found Happy Bellies. The oatmeal blends beautifully with breast milk, formula or water and delivers a smooth and easily digested consistency. The powdery flakes can be made into an appropriate consistency depending on your baby's age and skill eating. Our twins loved the flavor and we continued to maintain Happy Bellies oatmeal as part of their daily diet for about three years. We loved that the product is organic, tastes great, and offers a variety of excellent health benefits with DHA and probiotics. While other cereals resulted in constipation issues, Happy Bellies never had that negative effect on our children. When our third baby came along a little over a year ago, there was only one brand of oatmeal I purchased. Happy Bellies remains and excellent product and we will continue using it.



HappyBellies Oatmeal Cereal is organic and all natural!


I started my baby with HappyBellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal and then for some reason decided to try their Organic Oatmeal Cereal instead one day. I now love both products, but prefer the texture of **HappyBellies Organic Oatmeal Cereal** a little bit better. The oatmeal cereal is a little smoother in texture and not as thick and lumpy as the brown rice cereal, but I would recommend them both. I used to add the brown rice cereal to my baby's bottle instead of buying the formula with rice cereal in it because it is much more cost effective to do it yourself, plus, I can add organic rice cereal to the formula, instead of whatever they use. Quality of Ingredients HappyBellies Organic Oatmeal Cereal is made with wonderful ingredients that are great for growing babies. Some of those beneficial ingredients are: prebiotics, probiotics, DHA, Choline and vitamins and minerals. This product is made with all natural, organic ingredients. Safety I have absolutely no problems with the safety of this product. It's perfect!

Camp Lejeune, NC


The best baby cereal EVER


When I had my first child almost 5 years ago I thought the only baby cereal that existed was Gerber. By the time I had my second child I had learned that there were other options, even organic ones! I explored Earth's Best baby cereal and like it ... until I tried Happy Baby's Happy Bellies Oatmeal Cereal. As a parent, I like that this cereal is organic without any genetically engineered ingredients. I love that it has natural DHA sources and all the other good stuff a baby cereal should have. I love the consistency of this oatmeal as well. It seems to require less liquid than other brands of baby cereals, and it even mixes smoother for a less gritty/lumpy cereal. My son (my third child) actually prefers this oatmeal over any other baby cereal. I have tried to give him Earth's Best Oatmeal and he gags on it (but eventually eats it). With this cereal he is growling at me to hurry up and feed him more!

New Brighton, PA


Made my son sick


I was using a different brand and then saw this in my local store. So I decided to try it. Well right after switching, my son started to get very bad diarrhea. I thought it was just because I switched. So I gave him almost a week and everyday it was the same. No improvement. I called his Dr and they informed me that a lot of times these new cereals with all the extra "stuff" added to it, is tough on infant's bellies. They told me to switch him back immediately. And sure enough, he was fine the next day. I am sticking with my tried and true brands now. Especially ones with limited ingredients. The fewer things in it, the better.

Waterbury, CT


Makes my baby so happy!


My son and I both LOVE the Happy Bellies cereal!  I love that it is organic, healthy, has DHA, and probiotics!  It couldn't get any better!  My son began eating this ceral at 6 months.  He is now 19 months and we still mix it into his yogurt.  He won't eat the cereal plain anymore bu tI still want him to benefit from the DHA and probiotics!  As an infant he was never sick and I believe that is in part to the probiotics in this cereal (and to breastfeeding).  I also love that this cereal is packed with vitamins and minerals.  It's also great that this product is environmentaly friendly as 60% of the container is made from recycled products!  When you open the container it may seem only half full but remember that like everything else there is settling that occurs.  This cereal is more expensive than other brands out there but I always found great deals on amazon and the extra cost is worth it to me for the health of my son.

Arlington Heights, IL


O MY GOSH a Certified Organic CEREAL that has everything!


My son has acid reflux so I wanted something that would stay down.  This cereal was the only one that contains DHA and Probiotics plus it's organic!  Happy Bellies really lives up to it's name.  It makes my son tummy really happy and he is less gassy, fussy, and poops like when I was breastfeeding him!  ....  GREAT  PRODUCT....  **Key points** 1. 100% natural; enriched with iron, vitamins and minerals 2. No soy, no dairy, no wheat, no gluten 3. Organic goodness: All Happybellies products are always USDA-certified organic 4. Probiotic protection: Good bacteria especially formulated to help strengthen your baby's digestive system which can protect against the development 5. **Certified Organic**

Houston, TX


Happy Bellies Organic Oatmeal Cereal

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