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Happi Tummi
Happi Tummi Waistband

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Works for all kinds of fussiness, sleeplessness, and crying


This product works when used properly. Contrary to other products for fussy children which require planning ahead, this waistband stops our baby's crying instantly. It calmed and relaxed our baby and the smell calmed us too! Because it can be used repeatedly, it was a top value.



Warning extremeley dangerous product!!!!


Warning!!!! This product gave my 4 month old a second degree burn on his abdomen. We followed directions precisely and had used it 4 times previously without problems. The herbal pouch that is placed in microwave can have hot spots and create burns on infants abdomen. I am en experienced mother of 4 and NICU nurse. This product is very dangerous and should be pulled from the market to prevent other infants from being burned.

Hampton, VA


Happi Tummi Waistband

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