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great prices and great service


I had Hanover Auto insurance through my insurance agent for many , many years . For some reason about 5 or 6 years ago , the agent automatically changed me over to a different company that I had never heard of - the logic was that this was a cheaper plan based on my driving needs after they reviewed my history . Maybe at that time , Hanover had raised their rates -I don't know but I just blindly took what the agent offered at the cheaper price . The next year when I got a renewal notice the other company had raised my insurance premiums by over $100 - no claims, no difference in coverage AND I discovered , when I needed to use it , that the towing portion that I had paid for with the other company , was not what I thought . I called the agent the next day and asked what the rates were for Hanover , a company I always had good service with and low rates .Lo and behold, the rate was over $100 cheaper for more coverage ! I switched back immediately to Hanover and have been very pleased as always. They offer me a safe driver discount , a low mileage discount AND I can get FULL roadside assistance similar to AAA for under an additional $20 on the policy . I got a booklet with it and a Hanover Roadside card to use if / when needed that explains ALL my benefits unlike the other company that covered virtually nothing when it needed to be used . As of yet , I have not switched my homeowners . I have been happy with that company too so I am not mixing things up - but lesson leaned , if you are looking for a good rate , good coverage and good claims service , Hanover is tops for auto insurance . They have a long history in business and will honor their policy in a professional and timely manner . Also, when comparing auto insurance prices, read what is covered carefully because for identical coverage , Hanover offers a very competitive rate over bigger companies .

Springfield, MA


Makes My Life Easier


I have a broker and it is incredible all the ways she helps us. She reminds us of things like taking the driving course every three years to save money on your car insurance. Offers the opportunity to pay car insurance monthly, quarterly or semi annually. I just feel like they know who I am and are always available to answer any and all questions I have Customer Service Hanover a great insurance company for your auto Available Plans would recommend this plan and a broker for no hassle car insurance

Bellmore, NY


Great support when we needed our car insurance the most!


We researched every car insurance company we could find! We finally went with ***HANOVER*** (the site has it spelt wrong) after contacting a local insurance agent. Hanover offered a great multiple policy discount which was key to us since we were paying for two vehicles and our renter's insurance. The turn around for paper work from the insurance company was my only complaint. It seemed to just take forever- granted this could have also been because of the agency. About two months after purchasing our policy we hit a deer on the highway, and it ended up totalling our car. The response from the insurance was amazing! I called in the claim from the side of the highway while waiting for state police. It was around 9:20pm on a Sunday night, and I was told someone would contact me in 48-72 hours (yikes!) 8:30am on Monday morning the adjuster was calling to arrange a time to go view the vehicle. Just a side note, my only other small complaint was that the adjuster called my home phone, and when I called in the claim I stressed the fact that I could be reached on my cell phone all day- but I am out of the house for work for almost 12 hours a day. So since they called my house we ended up loosing an entire day because I did not get the message until I got home that evening. The adjuster went and viewed the vehicle on Tuesday, deemed it a total loss, and we were contacted by the total loss department that afternoon. I dealt with Adam Bruno in the total loss department and I can not say enough great things about him! He was amazing! He explained everything that was going to happen and made the process so simple. He even went as far as to fax us a list of vehicles in our area which matched the condition of the car we lost. All in all, as much of a pain as a totalled vehicle is, Hanover made this experience as painless as possible. They communicated with each-other well, and it went so smoothly. After this experience we plan to stick with them for a long time!

Wolfeboro, NH



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