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Hampton Sun
Hampton Sun Sun Tanning Gel SPF 15

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Tanning gel, not sunscreen


First of all, this is meant to be a tanning product - NOT a sunscreen. I am pretty fair skinned with some visible sun damage/sun spots on my face. I can tan, but it usually takes me quite a while and many days in the sun to get started. My legs are particularly hard to tan. This tanning spray does a great job. Although it is only an SPF 15, I have never burned while using it, even when spending hours on end laying on the beach or on my patio. It generates a tan more quickly than any other product I have ever used. I can especially tell on my legs. I am able to get a deep, almost exotic looking tan on them now. Hampton Sun smells AMAZING. It is a light, tropical scent. Different than other sunscreens or tanning oils, in a good way. It smells and feels very luxe. It goes onto the skin almost like a dry oil. Your skin does not stay slick and greasy. It absorbs for the most part and leaves the skin so soft with just a slight, subtle sheen. You will NOT look or feel like you have oil slicked on you. It has a very light texture. That is one of the things I like the most about it. I hate heavy greasy tanning oils - this one is not like that at all. A bottle lasts me almost 2 summers. You do not need to use a whole lot at a time. This product offers a great tan, with a little protection from sunburn and smells great. Definitely recommended! Scent Light tropical, carribean smell. Not heavy, not too artificial smelling. Absorption Mostly absorbs into skin, leaving it soft - no greasy mess! Longevity Seems to last petty long on the skin, even after sweating in the sun - if you're in and out of the water a lot you will want to reapply. Effectiveness Excellent dark tanning capabilities without sunburn! Gives you a very exotic looking tan.

Strasburg, PA


So moisturizing!


Perfect for everyday use! Nice scent and oil is very hydrating! Scent Love the scent! Absorption Love the oil, skin stays soft and it gives a nice sheen! Effectiveness This is good for everyday. Don't think it's strong enough for a pool day or hours in the sun. But for running errands etc. it's fantastic!

Rockford, IL


Hampton Sun helps me get a great tan AND provides SPF protection


For anyone who likes to get a little sunkissed, but also worries about the harmful consequences of sun damage, Hampton Sun has achieved the seemingly impossible. They have created a tanning formula that also has SPF protection!After a long winter, my skin tends to look quite pale. Actually, I usually lovingly refer to it as "radioactive white." When summer roles around, I can't wait to go outside and start looking healthy and radiant again. However, I've inherited my mom's Irish tendency to freckle easily, so I'm constantly worried about sun damage and am a fiend about using sunscreen. Sadly, this often meant that I would come back from a day at the beach looking like I had never gone in the first place.I recently tried using Hampton Sun SPF 15 Sun Tanning Gel for the first time, and was amazed. Don't let the name fool you, it's not really a gel. It's actually a spray that goes on really nicely. It's not really greasy and it gives your skin this great subtle shine. It smells great and it actually makes my skin really soft. But obviously, the best part is that it gives me the SPF protection I need while helping me get the tan I want. I've only used it a couple of times for fairly short periods (like a 2 hour jaunt to the beach). I notice results each time, but they're relatively subtle, which is great for me. You'd probably want to reapply it after a couple of hours to make sure you're still getting the sun protection you need. I also don't know how waterproof or water-resistant it is.Hampton Sun has a lot of other tanning products with SPF in its line. It has tanning oils with SPF 4 and SPF 8, tanning lotion with SPF 30 (my roommate loves this one), after sun moisturizer, shimmer lotion and hydrating face cream. Hampton Sun's philosophy is "Smart Serious Sunbathing." I definitely found this to be true!

Chicago, IL


Hampton Sun Sun Tanning Gel SPF 15

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