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Hamlton Beach
Hamlton Beach Microwave

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Hamilton Beach HBP90D23AL-DJ


I have the Hamilton Beach microwave and it comes into a small compact size. I love how the microwave has a lot of various settings even though small. It works by moving the plate around circles but the touch key pad is awesome. I push the amount of time that I want to pick for an item. I enter the number and press the setting which I would like including hi to low. It works effectively in baking items. However, the drawback that I experience is popcorn burning. I have to flex the bag of popcorn and set the temperature on a lower setting. Then the minutes must be lower than stated on the product. If not the popcorn will burn. I love how the oven bakes overall with potatoes too. There are a lot of different alternatives to select temperatures and times. I appreciate the small size of the microwave because it fits well in small spaces. The microwave is affordable and a good product for any budget. Performance I love how the product cooks but does burn popcorn. I must set on a lower temperature or will burn. Settings/Features It has a lot of various settings and love the touch key pad. Ease of Cleaning It is easy to clean and to take apart. Ease of Use Easy to push to set time and temperature. Design I love the compact size but has great features.

Huntington, WV


This Hamilton Beach Microwave is Great!


We have used this microwave for over a year or two and works great! It heats up our food in seconds and cooks it through pretty evenly for microwave food. I think this is probably the best model I have ever used for the price. It was very cost effective and works just as well as the more expensive brands if not better. I think this was a great choice for our family and I think any family would benefits from this kind of great purchase. It has lasted us for over a year or two with no visible signs of wear and tear and is pretty easy to clean and keep clean inside and out (given you don't let the kids run a muck with it!) I would highly recommend this product especially for those who need this type of time saving equipment and who need to be budget conscious!

Raleigh, NC


Hamlton Beach Microwave

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