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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Wave Station 53155 2-Speed Blender

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Great Blender!


I have had this blender for almost 10 yrs and it's the best. The only con is that it's a little noisy. We love it!


Newark, NJ


Excellent basic blender


I have owned this blender for about three years now and with the exception of the first use it has performed excellently. The only reason I mention the first use problem is that it was easy to avoid. When I pulled the blender from the base I accidentally turned it the wrong way which loosened the blender base and spilled my smoothie all over the counter! I should have paid more attention! I have used this blender to make smoothies (with and without ice), mixed drinks with ice, applesauce, baby food, milkshakes and many other things. I have rarely had a problem. The only time the blender gave me trouble was when I tried to make baby food or applesauce and needed to add more liquid. The box advertised being able to chop things like ice but I doubt it has the capability to do so. I love the controls and it has lots of options to pulse, chop, blend, puree, etc. After three years I am very satisfied with this blender!


Mount Laurel, NJ


Hamilton Beach Wave Station 53155 2-Speed Blender

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