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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Wave Station 12-Speed Dispensing Blender

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works like a blender should and more even makes smoothies


                              When you work in a kitchen all the time you learn what you need or do not need and you want something to do the tasks you have to get right. There are different ways that each person in their kitchens work. No two cooks let alone people are alike so what is good for one may not suit someone else. There are some things that they all need the same. When you have friends over you dont want to serve crummy drinks to your guests.                The Hamilton Beach Wave Station does the trick. The wave station has a 56 ounce container. It is a thermal container that is designed to keep all your drinks cold for a while so you can enjoy each drink. You can make smoothies, shakes and what ever you can think of and you wont have all the pulp and chunky things all in your drink.                You have a strong handle if you wish to pour it but I like the way you can just use the spout on the base of the blender. It works very well for me and I have used it quite a few times. So if you need a good blender check this out. It really does the job for you.

Zirconia, NC


Hamilton Beach Wave Station blender works well.


My husband and I received this blender as a wedding gift. We have been very happy with it overall. My favorite feature is that is can crush up ice well. We used it to make sorbets and it did a wonderful job. The texture was very smooth especially since we used frozen fruit that other blenders would have a tough time with. The dispenser is okay, but I really don't care of it. It is a little annoying because the liquids can pool down there so you feel like you are wasting some food- not a big deal, but not for me. The maching cleans up nicely. My biggest compalint would have to be that it's power has decreased over time. I wish my blender was still as strong as it was when I first got it, but you can't expect them to last forever.

Pocatello, ID


The wave station blender was a great idea that didn't work.


Have had this blender for about 5 years and it just broke (the plastic around the blender blades. We didn't use it a whole lot because generally the hassle of cleaning it was not worth the benefit of using it. First off, there is a two piece outer shell that you have to seperate to clean and the outer shell serves absolutely no functional purpose. Then there is the dispensor. If you ever forget to rinse it out immediately it is a huge pain to get into the tiny tube that seperates the spout from the beverage. It is built into the blender base and is just larger that the tip of my pinkie finger. The blender does have good power and does blend very well. I think I saw a later model and maybe that one would be better. I love the idea, but in practice it just didn't work out well. Maybe if you wash everything immediately this product (or a later model) would be for you, but I am moving on to something simpler.

San Antonio, TX


Hamilton Beach Wave Station 12-Speed Dispensing Blender

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