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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener #

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Love this Can Opener


I love the Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener. I purchased this can opener several years ago & have always liked it. Since getting it I have developed arthritis in my hands & this is the only can opener I can use now. It is easy to use and does not take up much space on the counter. The only downfall is it can be a bit top heavy. The bottom should be a bit larger so it won't constantly tip over on the counter.



It's the best for those with Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel.


I Love this can opener, as it allows me to open cans, I wouldn't other wise be able to open. I had to have Hubby open before getting this. Now I can open all cans with ease. I have Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis in fingers and wrists, so this makes it easy for me, to now open cans. Performance I couldn't do with out this can opener. The battery stays charged for a long time, so you don't have to recharge often.

San Ysidro, CA


safety concerns with this product


Do not buy for safety reasons!! I was initially pleased with the Hamilton Beach 76500 Can Opener until it started rolling off the counter. While of great utility, this is a case where the technical design is great but the stylist created a problem. The fact is that most of the can opener's case is round in shape except for two little feet that try to hold it up-right. If a heavy steel lid is still stuck on the magnet and the unit is placed on the counter, the whole thing will roll over. If it is close to edge of the counter, it will fall on the floor. Now I have a big cut in my foot from the steel lid that was attached to the can opener at the time. I reserve the right to cook in bare feet but now I have a big gash because of this product. I am asking my money back and reporting to this to CPS. They should have given the product a square shape to prevent this.

Little Rock, AR


great little can openner


I just love anything by Hamilton Beach.  I thinkthey are a trustworthy brand with always great products.  This Hamilton Beach can openner is so easy to use and great.   I can use it wherever I need to go, if I need to be in another room.  It's so handy for someone I like me.  I have limited strength and can just turn it on and it starts working.  No hard turning for me.  My old can openner would half work.  Sometimes it would get paper jammed from the can in it.  Plus I would have it on my counter taking up room and the plug in was an eye sore.  But with this can openner, I don't have to worry about a plug sticking out.  I can just stick it in a drawer.  It doesn't jam up with paper, so I don't have to worry about cleaning it out and making a mess.  I've tried other little can openners and this one is the best so far.  I just love how easy to use it is and not big and bulky.  It's just the right size for me.

Russellville, KY


Walk "N Cut is a necessary kitchen gadget in my kitchen.


I just love my Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener.  It is small enough that it can sit out on my kitchen counter so that it is always available when I need to open a can.  I love that it is cordless and you do not have all those cords cluttering up your counter and getting in the way.  It comes with a charger than you just plug into an electrical outlet.  It works on  any size can,  but you do have to hold the opener when you are opening a can of tuna fish or a small sized can of sliced olives or green chilies.  Gone are the days when I had to use a manual opener or having to use my bulky electric can opener that would not open every size can I needed open.  Gone also are the days when I would have to ask my husband to open some cans for me, too.  It operates smoothly and does not slip off as my prior electric opener did.  It is easy to keep clean and the cutting arm slips off for easy cleaning.  It has to be one of the most useful kitchen devices I own.  I have recommended the Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless can opener to  quite a few people.

small town, OH


Hamilton Beach Walk 'N Cut Cordless Can Opener #

4.2 5