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Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender


2-speed, nonslip control; 200-watt motor; blending wand; stainless-steel power whisk; comfortable handle and grip; 5' cord|Blend your drink right in the glass with this 2-speed hand blender that features a blending wand and a stainless-steel power whisk for smooth blending and a comfortable handle and grip for easy handling.

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I love this product


I absolutely love it they make the best drinks and are very easy to use and clean.


Tyner, KY


whip is Great to for betting


The wire whip is Great to for betting the life out of eggs.... Especially when making stiff eggs whites for different food recipes.... It comes with a wisk and a chopper/puree attachment. You can whip cream or egg whites in a glass. Want to remove those lumps in the gravy or puree vegetables in the soup stock. No problem. I do it right in the pot and easier to clean up than a blender. The attachments are not dishwasher safe but dip it in your dish water and turn it on.. The problem with this unit is the power buttons on top of the unit. They are so hard to push that most of the time I ended up using two hands just to use the darn thing. It took my average sized hands using one to push the button and one to control the blender.




Wizard mixer.


i use the product to make whip cream. its a great mixer it mixes fast.it cant mix to much at a time.




A so so stick blender


i'm sorry but I cannot recommend this blender and I'll tell you why. This blender was not at all powerful enough for anything as far as I'm concerned. It was not even any good for non-frozen fruit fresh fruit for making smoothies. He barely wants to even get up to speed and it is not very durable as it broke on me doing the simplest task which was blending cooked vegetables for a soup. I did not find this blender at all easy to clean as it stored food residue and it's nooks and crannies. This blender is too light for my comfort and it felt very unstable in my hands many times. although it does have a very long court which made it very easily used in the kitchen where I need a little more moving around room and space. I had to replace this blender and give it away. It was not a very good choice for me as a purchase.


Oakwood Vlg., OH


I would like this product


This product is good




Great hand blender!


I just recently upgraded to the Hamilton Beach turbo twister 2 speed hand blender! I previously had an ancient off brand one and the Hamilton Beach hand blender works loads better! It's perfect for an average household. It's good quality from a great brand and it works well especially for the price! It mixes thoroughly and leaves everything really smooth. I use mine for mainly baking things such as cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and pies. I have noticed that since I started using this hand blender that my cake mix does come out a lot smoother post mixing! Clean up is super easy because the parts remove easily and it's also easy to set up and also to use! My only complaint about this particular model is that it only has 2 speeds. I normally don't need a medium speed but it would be nice to have. Overall I would highly recommend! You won't be disappointed!


Sneads Ferry, NC


Elegant and powerful!


One of the most elegantly designed blenders I have ever used. It is also extremely powerful and makes milkshakes and other drinks almost immediately! You can store this blender anywhere you want. Blending Power When you look at this machine, it does not seem to be powerful. But you are wrong. It is as powerful as other blenders and makes drinks in no time. Ease of Cleaning The blender is light weight and can be cleaned within minutes. Ease of Use It is not complicated as most of the blenders and designed for everybody. Just plug in the blender and press the start button and you are done. Durability I am using this machine for few months now, till now never faced any significant trouble with this machine. There are no signs of crack or dent in it even with a daily use.




Handy little gadget.


Its like strapping a motor to your whisk, actually that is exactly what its like. I love this handheld mixer. It's perfect for soups, sauces and I've used it with cakes and stuff. I love how weightless it is. I was afraid it was going to be clunky when I bought it but was surprised how light it actually is. I am also surprised and how sturdy it is being that it is so light. It has withstood to a year of whisking, beating and mixing and is still going strong. The only inrpovment I would of made on it is including more attachments for it, that would allow you to do even more with it . Blending Power Surprisingly strong blending power for such a little mixer. Versatility It's pretty versatile. I've used it for sauces and mashed potatoes and cake batter as well as cookies. Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean . Ease of Use One of the easiest gadgets I have ever used . Design Simple sleek and modern design. Nothing too flashy. Durability It's been dropped, banged and used a ton and is still just as durable as the day I bought it.




Really nice!


I have many blenders but, they are all large and bulky so they take up a lot of counter or storage space so this is really nice it will just fit in a nice small space. I really like the blade housing, The blade sits low so you can blend a small amount so if you're making a small batch or just a meal for one person it's really nice. I figured I would have to have a good amount for it to work. Another plus to this is the openings around the housing of the blade less food gets stuck to it which is great for making sure everything gets mixed well, but, also good for cleaning. I also like that it works really well for when you want to whip up smoothie or milkshakes really quickly! I like that the bottom can be removed for cleaning that makes it super simple to do and the blade is very sharp which makes it extremely efficient! It is a very powerful tool and works just as well as a full sized blender! Blending Power This hand blender is a very efficient blender, it has lots of power and works just as well as a full sized blender! Versatility Very versatile, it can be used for many different things! Ease of Cleaning Very simple to clean, the only downside is that it can't be used in a dishwasher, but, that's no big deal. Ease of Use Very simple to use and self explanatory! Design I love the simple sleek design it has! Durability Very durable, it works extremely well!




Great kitchen gadget


I am constantly looking for new kitchen gadgets, and the brand I most often turn to for affordable kitchen tools in Hamilton Beach. I recently bought a Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender for the times when I am babysitting my young cousins and they ask for things like milkshakes. This works really well, and is a very powerful blender. I also like that it's relatively small, so it does not take up a lot of space in my kitchen. Blending Power This is a very powerful blender. There has never been anything I put in it that it was not able to blend. Ease of Cleaning This is really easy to clean because I just take it apart and put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Ease of Use This is simple to use. You basically just have to plug it in and push a button. Durability This seems to be very durable. I typically keep it in a drawer with all of my other kitchen tools, and it has not become cracked or dented at all from being with other tools.




Hamilton Beach Turbo-Twister 2-Speed Hand Blender

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