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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Travel Iron

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Great TRAVEL iron


Hamilton Beach Travel 10090 Iron is a great little iron. Be warned though it is not built to use for everyday ironing. I bought this when we were going out of town because it was compact but still had some larger iron features such as steam , spray, and a variety of settings. It is very easy to overfill though because you can't easily see how much water you are putting in. Sometimes I wouldn't realize I had overfilled it and when I started ironing, it would overflow out the top because there is also no cap to close so the top is open. Despite that I really liked the iron. It was light and glided easily and did a nice job. I ended up using this iron after we came back from our trip as an everyday iron. It lasted for about 6 months using it for daily ironing and then stopped heating up. I would definitely buy one again for travel but would not use it for everyday use. This was a medium price iron so the longevity did disappoint me a little.


Toledo, OH


Not an at home iron, but works great!


We go on vacation a lot, usually when my husband goes on business trips and the family is able to tag along. Traveling is always fun and we generally get to stay at decent hotels that offer the basics that you need to stay in a hotel comfortably. Though a lot of the hotels we've been to offer irons and ironing boards, I've found that sometimes there isn't one in sight or that the iron provided doesn't work properly. No one wants to wear wrinkly clothes, especially my husband who has to look half decent at his meetings. I found the Hamilton Beach Travel 10090 Iron and knew it had to be worth it. The reviews were great and we needed something portable to take along with us to keep clothes looking nice. The Hamilton Beach Travel 10090 Iron has become a true lifesaver. The Hamilton Beach Travel 10090 Iron is also perfect for when we go on planned vacations. It packs very easily, isn't overly heavy, and works like a charm. Highly dependable product that will erase wrinkles in just a few minutes. I'd imagine that the Hamilton Beach Travel 10090 Iron would be great for someone who is a professional that travels a lot. My husband even irons his own clothes sometimes with this thing - which is a feat and a half. Great product that isn't overly expensive. Hoping it lasts for awhile!


Linthicum Heights, MD


Reasonably priced


Bought this for a trip I was taking. While it is reasonably priced I would put the quality as middle of the road. It is compact and easy to use. But it didn't seem to heat very fast and still left some wrinkles.


Marble, PA


Perfect for on the go ironing!


This is perfect for the person who loves to travel, and would like their clothes to look sharp everywhere they go! I've used this on vacation a few times, when I needed to iron my dresses and they came out looking great.. It was easy to use and very convienent!


San Bernardino, CA


Hamilton Beach Travel Iron

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