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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Tall Can Opener #

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ok product


when i bought this can opener it worked great. starting to notice that it is stopping in the middle of opening the cans. i am not sure as to why it does this but maybe it is just getting old. it was still a good buy for the price.

Farrell, PA


Hamilton Beach Tall Can opener Model 75224 Is so easy to operate


 This Hamilton Beach Tall Can Opener Model 75224 Is so easy to operate. My 7 year old son uses it all the time to open his own cans of stuff. He used to constantly come to me for help with the cans of ravioli etc. Since we got this can opener, he does it himself. Thank you for a great product.

Jamestown, KY


hamton beach can opener makes a mess at the end of opening cans!


When I first purchased the Hampton Beach can opener it was fine, but after a few cans it began to splatter when the can opening process was finished. I noticed that at the last moment when a can is being opened and there is that little piece of metal left to be opened.  At that moment for some reason the machine would snap the lid and it would cause the ingredients to splatter. Also I noticed after using the machine about 15 times the cans would get stuck in the can opener and I would have to nudge the can and it would cause a bigger mess than just the splatter alone. Also the little magnetic piece that is supposed to catch the metal lids to the cans does not work very well at all.  I has become apparent that this piece on the can opener is just for show.  The magnet is not strong enough to hold the lids. There for possessing no purpose. I would like to tell you that even though the Hampton Beach can opener has many faults.  It does possess a good quality.  It has a quick release button on the top, to take the can opener apart for cleaning.  I really find that very accessable and easy to operate and most of all to clean the food that gets stuck on to the blade.

Las Cruces, NM


Hamilton Beach Tall Can Opener #

3.0 3