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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Steam Storm Plus Lightweight Iron

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Steam great, funky dial knob and leaking not so gret


I love to use vintage irons. They're built like Sherman tanks and they come from an era when people knew the value of being able to mercilessly hot steam a piece of fabric into submission. However, they have one drawback and that is that after a long life of contributing to the public crease-free good, they tend to feel a bit entitled and they often ... retire ... abruptly on me. Sometimes in the middle of a project. Last time that happened, my husband went out and came back with the Steam Storm. He knows my near-fetish for steam, so he chose well, but there are a few "features" that bother me. One, it's the first iron I've owned with a dial knob located *right under the handle*. Hello? Who thought that was a good plan? To make sure I have it set exactly where I want it I have to either lift the iron up (and with a full tank that's not such a good plan as I'll explain below) or bend over and peer under the handle. Please, give me the most user friendly controls possible when I'm using something that could potentially *cook the flesh off my bones* or *melt my project*! Second, the tank leaks. I'm aware that technically, this is all my fault, because I usually overfill it a little (I did say I loved steam). I'm not disposed to be all gracious about the finer points of responsibility, though, when I've just had boiling water splatter all over my hands, arms and face. A little safety margin might have been nice, being as how it's *boiling water*.

Tacoma, WA


Hamilton Beach Steam Storm Plus Lightweight Iron

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