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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Stay-or-Go Programmable Coffee Maker

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brew a cup to go or a whole pot


This coffee pot is awesome.  It comes with a 12 cup carafe as well as 2 to-go mugs.  I love coffee in the morning and my husband does not.  My coffee maker is most often used in the mornings with one of the to-go cups. It perfectly brews 2 cups of coffee and the coffee drips right into my to-go cup.  There is no coffee pot to clean and no pouring coffee into a mug to take to work with me.  Cleanup is as easy as dropping the filter with used grounds into my container of compost materials.  When I want to brew a larger pot, the coffee drips right into the carafe.  This assures me that I will have hot coffee after dinner if I brew it just before I sit down to eat.  The carafe keeps the coffee warm when I want to share a pot with a friend.  There are no worries about shattering glass in my kitchen, nor do I have to shop for a replacement glass pot that fits my coffee maker. For my birthday,  I have asked my husband for another Hamilton Beach coffee maker to keep at work.

Longwood, FL


Stay or go is the greatest coffee maker yet!


The Hamilton Beach Stay n Go Coffee maker is a wonderful product!  The stainless steel pot keep the coffee at the right temperature for hours.  Having an option of a potful; one go cup or 2 go cups full is wonderful.  This coffee maker actually comes with 2 go cups of stainless steel. Easy to clean and easy to keep clean is a plus for folks with limited time for cleaning, like us!  I just wipe with a wet dish rag and dry with a dish towel.  No problem! I highly recommend this product. Would make a great gift for any coffee drinker.  Would be great for a dorm room or office, too. The price is a bit high, but ya get what ya pay for these days.  The longevity of the product outweighs the cost in my book. Hubby and I have tried many coffee makers throughout the years and prefer this one.      

Conway, AR


HB Stay or Go got up and went.


***I purchased this for my husband as a gift. It lasted all of two months and stopped water from going thru it. This rather expensive HB Store or Go got up and went. I certainly would not recommend paying the high price for this. HB will not honor any warranty on this coffee maker and you can not get into the mechanics of it to see if there is a loose wire or clog somewhere as it requires a "special" tool to open it up. Not worth the money.***

Crestline, OH


hamiton beach stay or go 12-cup just has indicated


I needed to find my husband a christmas present that he could use and enjoy. I was right on the money when I purchased the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 12-cup coffee maker. I can program the machine to start or stop when I desire, which is the one function I realy needed for my husband for work. When he gets up for work he makes two pots of coffee, and now all he needs to do is program and when he wakes up he will only have to make one pot which saves him more time to sleep in. The pot is made of steel and has a closed and consieled lid which makes it the to go part. I no longer have to have a heating  plate on which to have burned coffee and worry, it makes it easier to clean. You also get to stop it in mid pot and make it run a cup if you need a cup befor its done. You have a clock for time. You can start and stop it when you want and set it. The coffee filter holder comes out easily when you change it. It also came with two coffee cups.

Howell, MI


forget the travel mugs that come with the "Stay or Go"


Overall the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go coffee maker is a good investment.  I love the stainless steel Carafe.  If you rinse it with hot water first it will keep your coffee hot for a few hours, and it is attractive.  I appreciate that there is no warmer to scorch the pot. However, the model I have has travel mugs that leak and that can't be closed when traveling!

McHenry, IL


stat or go better than a bunn


my daughter gave me this coffee maker for Mothers Day last year.  I am a heavy coffee drinker and this is the best coffee maker I have ever owned.  Not as fast as a Bunn, but I find it makes alot better coffee.  When it is made I take the caraff and go out in my yard and don't haveto keep coming back inside to refill.

independence, LA


No more burnt bitter coffee!!!


I have loved nearly everything about this coffee pot since I got it.  It came with a thermal carafe and two (non-drip???) travel mugs.  The carafe is wonderful - the mugs I can do without.  As soon as the pot finishes dripping it shuts off - thus no waste of electricity and no burnt bitter coffee.  If you don't drink the pot immediately it's as fresh as it was in the morning all day and stays hot (if you do the suggested hot water carafe prep) most of the day.  The only other coffee pot I have ever really enjoyed had the timer so it would be ready when I woke up and had an auto shut off so if you left the house and forgot to shut it you would still be safe.  Although this doesn't go off on a timer it brews really fast and shuts off immediately so I am just as happy.  I am a wise consumer so I'm sure I caught a good sale as I know it did not set me back much at all. 

Dumont, NJ


Hamilton Beach Stay-or-Go Programmable Coffee Maker

4.3 7