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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Stay-or-Go 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Coffee Maker is a pain to clean


I received the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker as a gift and I love the convenience of it. I love the fact that the carafe can keep coffee hot without scorching it for hours. My family has lots of different start times for our days so it makes it nice that the first person up can make coffee and it's still fresh and hot for the next person that gets up a few hours later. Now the downside. I'm not sure if all of the carafes leak or not. But mine certainly does. It leaks only when I'm pouring the coffee so I'm not sure if mine has a crack that isn't visible near the top or not, but it's leaked since the first day that I got it. The other thing that I don't like is the difficulty I have in cleaning the carafe. The neck of the carafe is narrow so it's difficult to get inside to give it a good cleaning. I did purchase one of the dishwashing sponges that are on the end of a plastic handle and that fits inside and cleans it nicely.    

Canton, OH


hamilton beech stay or go coffe maker is kinda cool yet a pain


I have had this hamilton beech stay or go coffee maker for about a year and when it goes i will not buy another one. I have a love / hate relationship with this product. I love the carafe, your coffee stays warm for an extended period of time without "cooking" it. I have even drank  coffee ( if there is enough left) from the day before, just warmed it in the microwave. I hate trying to clean it, the carafe is almost impossible to clean, I have no idea if you can put it in the dishwasher, I some how doubt it, and you can't really scrub in it to easily. The part where you pour the water in gets a film on the inside pretty easily and requires constant cleaning. The carafe leaks every time you pour liquid out of it so I generally try to pour my coffee over the sink. If I use the carafe to pour the water into the back it generally gets water every where. I do not use the mugs very often, which means never, so on my next coffee maker purchase this will not be a feature I will worry about. It seemed like something I would use but never have.

Marshall, NC


Extremely convenient, Great design


I LOVE my Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Coffee Maker.  This is the only coffee maker I could find that offers the 3 different options of brewing.  One mug, two mugs, or an entire pot.  Because I am the only one in my house that drinks coffee, I love that I can brew just some for me and the best part is, it brews directly into the travel mug with the lid on and all.  I set the timer, and in the morning my coffee is already brewed into a mug and all I have to do is grab it and leave, no messing with pouring it into a different travel mug.  I need to save as much time as I can in the mornings!  I found several other coffee makers that could brew directly into mugs, but it didn't offer the carafe option also and I definitely wanted that feature for when guests are over.  One small complaint I would have is that the opening on the carafe is fairly small, so it is hard to really get down in the bottom of it and clean.  You also have to make sure you rinse the lid really well, because when brewing the coffee pours into two small holes at the top of the lid and fills into the pot with just one small hole, so if you don't rinse it well you can possibly leave coffee between the "layers" of the lid.  I read several reviews about the carafe leaking while pouring, but I have had no such problem.  Would definitely recommend!!

Clive, IA


Hamilton Beach Stay-or-Go 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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