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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker 33462


Single clip seals lid onto base to reduce messy spills. Bring 6 quarts of hot food to potlucks or parties anytime.

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I love how portable it is.


This crock pot is great to use both at home and when I travel. The secured lid prevents spills and makes it easier to transport. I love the pretty design because I can sit it on the serving table without it looking out of place. It is compact but big enough to make plenty of soup or a nice side dish to take to family gatherings. I love how easy it is to clean and store while not in use.


Drakesboro, Ky


Hamilton Beach Stay or Go


I have this same model except the outside of it doesn't have the football field on it. I got it a few months ago from Target when it was on sale. So far I have used it about 5 times, mostly for the holidays. It heats up good and does get hot fast enough for me. It's just the size I was looking for. I love the lid on this slow cooker, this was the one reason I got this one over another model in the store. It locks down very easy so you don't have to worry with it while cooking, the lid will hold in the upright position if you need to for serving. We have used it for a few parties and people just loved it. Because it will stay open without having to sit the lid down on something it seems to keep messed down. No one is looking for somewhere to place the lid while they try to get the food out. Overall I'm pleased with this item, I will see how it holds out the long I have it. If you need to take food somewhere this is the slower cooker for you.




Best Crockpot Ever!!


This crockpot is the best product I could have ever purchased. It has made cooking so much easier and it's a very sturdy product. It cooks pretty fast on high so if you are looking to put something on to slow cook for the entire day while you are out I would recommend leaving the setting on low or starting it on high then switching to low. It may take some time to get use to the cooking speed. If you are looking for a sturdy, durable, crockpot that you don't have to wait forever to cook your food, this is it! It is perfect for cooking just about everything. I have used it to cook chicken, pork chops, stews, roasts, & soup. I am looking forward to cooking mac n cheese with it this weekend! Time to Heat You have to get use to the cooking speed. When on high, it seems to cook rather quickly. I would say around 3-4 hours for 4lb roast. Cooking Performance Great Cooking Performance Ease of Cleaning Cleaning this crockpot is very easy. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Design Love the design. It is designed so you can take it with you very easily. Durability Very durable!




Model 33462 is Football themed for tailgating and more!


First of all, the only difference between the model I am reviewing, 33462, and the model Vocalpoints will let me select, 33461, is the appearance. Model 33462 has a football field skin around the outside of the slow cooker, rather than stainless steel. This makes it perfect for football parties, tailgating, or for a family that eats, breathes and sleeps football! I love that the lid snaps shut, meaning no accidental spills when transporting, nor can my inquisitive kids open the lid! It cleans up easily and has three settings, high, low and warm. The warm setting makes it perfect for parties or tailgating(where there's a power source) because it keeps the hot food hot! Time to Heat It begins to heat up immediately- of course, it is also about 3 weeks old, so I would expect it to heat up quickly and remain at temperature. Cooking Performance I've made chili, beef pho, sloppy joes, a roast and applesauce in this so far, and its met or exceeded my expectations. In fact, I had to turn it to warm several times while making the pho broth, as it got a little warmer than I preferred on low! Ease of Cleaning With a removable insert, and a lid that also comes off for cleaning, it couldn't be simpler. *NOTE* I do no own a dishwasher, so I do wash and dry everything by hand. I would presume the insert to be dishwasher safe, and the lid to be top-rack only, but I am not concerned with that. Ease of Use Its very straightforward, even if you have never owned a slow cooker before. Design I like that the lid can be locked in place, as well as the fact that the handles on the side can be flipped down for storage, conserving space. The lid is also removable, making for easy cleaning and serving. Durability So far, it appears very durable, although I have only owned this for 3 weeks, it has received extensive use.


Westwego, LA


Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker 33462

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