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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex Iron

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Not a good iron.


The advantages of this Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex iron are cheap price and light weight. However, I cannot do fast ironing because it takes too much time to be hot enough. It even cannot reach the reasonably high temperature. It's always so hard for me to do a good ironing, especially when I iron blouses and pants. This iron has the steam iron function, but the hole for putting water inside is too small, and sometimes the water leakes out when I do ironing. I do not know where the water comes out the iron, and it always make my clothes wet when I use the steam iron function. I'm confused with this guy. If it was not cheap and I did not have to save money at that time, I would never bought this iron. I definitely will not recommend this iron.


Albany, CA


Pretty average, but expected for how cheap it is.


If you are looking for an iron to rock your world (if irons do such a thing for you), I would recommend looking elsewhere and investing a little more. I never feel like this iron gets or stays as hot as other irons I have used, but that's just my opinion. I completely avoid the steam setting altogether because, like many super-cheapie irons, it spits water all over the place...which I kind of feel like defeats the purpose of ironing. However, it is not a bad little iron for the economy price, and it will last a relatively long time if you don't put too much wear into it. BEWARE, do not ever drop it though, the plastic cracked and I had to replace it with a new one. Obviously you wouldn't want to drop an iron anyway, but I was hoping for a bit more durability.


Nederland, CO


Spits like a camel


I received this iron as a wedding present; I didn't choose it myself. I make money by sewing in my free time, so I use my iron every single day! It has a lot of different settings, but the steam settings are terrible. It spits water like a camel, in big messy splashes, and it hisses loudly. Just this week, it finally BROKE, and I was actually relieved because now I'll be able to get a new one! The plastic part that holds the metal iron plate in place cracked, and although the plate is still hanging on somewhat, it's very lose and probably dangerous. I'll definitely be looking at the reviews here before I purchase my new one! Yes, it's inexpensive, but it still isn't worth the money... especially if you're planning to use it often!


Rexburg, ID


Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex 17210 Iron is a sturdy appliance.


The Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex 17210 Iron was introduced to me when I moved in with my fiance. He's owned it for quite some time now. It's a sturdy appliance. It performs well at first but as time goes on, it's performance dulls and you don't get the full effect right away. We're still using it, but we have to go over our clothes several times compared to the one time we had to go over them when it was new.


San Diego, CA


Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex Iron

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